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I have been busy with real live lately, but I was thinking of refreshing by translating another It. A friend requested for this one and helped me with the scan (because I don't even make time to go to the library to read the magazine and the combini around me only have the edition with bag).

This comes out faster than I thought before, but there still might be misinterpretation. Feel free to reuse the translation, but if you translate it to another language, please tell me ^^. Enjoy!!

It #84 hitori*

Born in Tokyo, raised in entertainment world.
Although he is always surrounded by a lot of people,
most of the time his stance is always being solitary.
He wholeheartedly taking a one-way conviction.

In a raining autumn night. Right before us, Tokyo Tower stands tall. That shape somehow looks lonely, yet sensual. [Tokyo Tower, I have never come here in private.]

He laughs as he has no feeling nor thoughts on the tower, even though it also stands as Tokyo's symbol.

[I was born and raised in Tokyo, and I only know this place. I never deliberately think about Tokyo.]

Tokyo is a kind city to live alone. Everything is compact and it's efficient, even though in the crowd, there are many of people who are alone. However, if you cannot stand the isolation that you feel because are left alone in Tokyo, there are many people who go home to their hometowns.

[Whether you fit or not for Tokyo, I think it depends on how long you live here and your mentality. If you continue to live with resolution, I believe anywhere can be your locality.]

For him it is similar with the entertainment world, that even in impregnetable places "home is where you make it".

[It's only if you have the chance to enter entertainment world, so to say. But don't you think that whatever world it is, the longer you stay, the easier it is to stay there? If you have got here with all the trouble, people who doesn't feel fitting to live this world and keeps on complaining, should just hurry and quit. Worrying whether you are cut to do something or not is being lazy, not being modest. It is rude to those who does not have to chance to enter this world. Because the extend of being here, is only that moment, doing what you can do....]

Whether you can survive Tokyo's entertainment world depends on yourself. It is important to have the ability to endure isolation. Nino is better than others in this point.

Rather than being good to overcome loneliness, I am more being conscious of being "always alone". I like being alone, and it is comfortable. That's why, I never have the feeling of "because having a small number of friends, I'm lonely, and it is embarassing" (laughs). Ever since I was a child, everytime I have problem, I never go to anyone to consult my worries. Off course, I receive important advises from my seniors on location, but asking for consultation from myself ... things like that never happens. Trying to come to conclusion by watching your surroundings by yourself, making decisions yourself, just keep on repeating these things.]

Rather than being isolated, he is more of an emotinally reserved person. Nevertheless, as he grows older, the number of people relying on him increase. His junior, the members of  Hey! Say JUMP! have gone over to his house, but does he give advice?

[Basically, we are only talking while playing games (laugh). I give advice more or less, but for me, I think because everybody has his own way of thinking and act, I cannot be a reference. For example, I can teach about basic act that happens in TV shows. But how to think on things or how to live your life, those are not things that you can teach, right? Because there is no perfect formula for those, you can only move forward with your own ideas. That's why, I guess I don't have the best to give advise.]

There are, however, people who still want to talk of their worries even though you don't give clear answers. For example, insecurities that you can't overcome alone, or secret talks about love.

[There are many people like that, right? But does pouring your heart out on insecurities or secrets really solve the problem? Maybe they just want to make their heart lighter, but I guess I never really thought of the opponent's change of mood. For example, if I listen to a very serious story of his life, what can I do for him? Although if it's just to open up their feelings, you can say "you don't have to do anything", but if I hear something, I will feel a sense of responsibility. It depends on my relation with the opponent, but it might be an ego of the speaker. And then, these few years, I never go out for drink that is not related to work as well, because I don't feel the need to chat. I'm originally the type who is fine not meeting anyone. It is fun to gather along, but after all, we don't talk about anything significant (laughs). If that's the case, then it's better to have my own time.]

He is perceived as mysterious because he does not break secrets.

When it comes to Nino, most of people who has worked with him says that he is "someone you cannot get to the bottom" or "mysterious"; he says himself, "maybe it's because I never talk about myself thoroughly."

[When I'm shooting, I naturally talk to others, but actually I don't talk at all about myself (laughs). However, when it comes to work, I will say things that needs to be discussed. For example, like during shooting or meetings, if I was told, "just do OO tentatively", I will say, "please explain clearly, don't say 'tentatively'". If we finish with "tentatively", then I don't get why we have to work together. Each staff and actors has their own thoughts, there is no way we can get to 100% conformity. However, it is important to reconcile the plans together, I believe that's the meaning of working together face to face. I think I'd like to have thorough discussion on those things. Because I want to respect that both me and my opponent as "one person", I want to positively compete thoroughly in that part (laughs).]

* A little explanation of the title, why I kept on using "hitori" than translating it....

The title is written in hiragana 「ひとり」 which can be interpreted into different ways.
一人 : one person, alone (as in being alone, just one person), which is more the physical condition of being alone.
独り : being alone as in being solitary, single or unmarried, which I sense as more mentality of being alone.
ひとり when written in hiragana can have both meanings at the same time and can also mean either of the two (as my professor explained the difference between 街づくり、町づくり、and まちづくり, but that's a different thing).

^___________^  feel free to discuss about Nino here. I'll be happy to read or comment back.
If you found mistakes in translating, or typos, or if I miss a part, or weird grammar, please tell me.
And thank you for reading my translation. I hope you enjoyed it.
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I have been thinking of translating this song for a very long time. But the Japanese is actually too hard for me to understand. I actually think I have misunderstanding on the lyrics, even if I listen to it almost on daily basis. Because of what has happened these last few days, I decided to finally took up the courage to tranlate the lyrics of this song. It is far from perfect.

Seizensetsu the song from Amazarashi that I like the most. I sing this in karaoke, sometimes trying not to cry myself. The lyrics felt so close to me in a way, that it actually makes me think about a lot of things in life. Sometimes it actually makes me ask if my perspective of the world is "right". Seizensetsu does not really have translation in English, that's why I leave it as it is in the title. It is the believe that everybody is fundamentally good, which is part of the Confucianism teachings (reference in Wikipedia Japan).

Believe that human is fundamentally good )
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I have to admit that I am still in my Amazarashi boom, and I'm not sure when this will end and I will move on to my other translation project(s). I think I still owe some translations to some people. ^^;;;

Here is another Amazarashi number. I decided to translate it because while hearing the song (lately music is just a background for working, and not really for listening), I caught the sentence 「7年後に太平はビルから飛び降りた そんな勇気なら無いほうが良かった」 and somehow it made me listen more to the song. I fell in love again with Akita Hiromu-san's work. I guess, that one moment when I saw his album in Tower Records really changed my life and my fandom.

I have no idea if there is official English translation of this song, because everytime I try checking on the homepage, it always open Anomie lyrics instead. ^^;;; Seems like there is something wrong with the page's setting. Or maybe it's my computer. Lol.

Enjoy this, while waiting for summer ^_____^

夏を待っていました || Waiting for Summer )
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Amazarashi just put this new heartrendring new PV in his youtube account to promote his upcoming release of acoustic album. I was talking with another friend who likes this group too, and she pushed me to translating this for real.

I haven't seen any official translation yet, so no place to compare for now. But seeing that it's Amazarashi, there might be official translation soon.

Enjoy ^__________^

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I was watching this PV when I remember seeing such model. It reminds me of the 1:1,000 model of the whole Tokyo that I saw before. It was awesome....!! Perhaps because of my background as an architect, I got attracted with this PV. The Amazarashi logo shown in the architectural model made me smile ^___^

And of course, Amazarashi has that bittersweet lyrics to go along with the song. The lyrics somehow made me lightened as I thought, well, my problems are first-world problem, priviledged problems, I will still laugh no matter what happens tomorrow. I have a good life. So as my form of gratitude to Amazarashi for this beautiful song, I decided to interpret it to English.

Again, Amazarashi has an official translation of this lyrics here. Please refer to that one for a more accurate version of translation.


the interpretation is below cut ^___^ )
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I promised myself to finish this translation before #75 was released but I failed to keep it because I got overwhelmed by field work preparation. I hope I can keep up with #75 because I already copied it from the library. I don't have scans because I basically take pictures of MORE that my campus provides in the library.

I am not native English nor Japanese speaker,  so I might have misunderstood or misinterpret the text. If you have corrections or want to discuss the translation, please feel free to do so. I personally think that this article is basically quite difficult to translate, especially on the way Nino puts himself. Japanese has subtle emotion and stance in its grammar that I cannot really translate into English. I hope I did not mess up the content while trying to do so. I think Japanese is easier to be translated into Indonesian, but perhaps it's also because it's my native tongue. I'm too lazy to translate it to Indonesian, though.



It #74 The Art of Living

Nino who just went through Arashi's 15 year anniversary was there with bright expression. With wholehearted feeling engraved steadily, he proceeds towards the future.

Nino's solo song Merry Christmas which was included in the new release THE DIGITALIAN, despite nestling close to the album theme "human x digital", it also stands out from the rest. Within the sound and words of stories that he spun together, there are coexisting warmth and surprises. He always says, "I hate events like Christmas", and I wonder why he chose such theme.

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I read the magazine in the library (yes, my university's library has MORE magazine since last July). I thought I'll try practising my Japanese-English translating again after so long.

A note before you start reading, this is a work of an amateur whose first language is neither English nor Japanese. I'm trying to preserve Nino's speaking nuance which I often hear when he's being interviewed, but misinterpretation might be made. Unbetaed and was typed on iphone >.<

Feel free to correct me if you disagree with my translation.

It #73 Default

The time has changed, even with many experience piled with good evaluation, one thing that made him never change is the hidden wholeheartedness that he has. This is his way from before and from now on.

It was one of the days, two weeks after he came back from Arashi's live in Hawaii. In between the interview, Nino was enjoying his game as usual.
[When I was in Hawaii, I did not even take a step outside, I was always playing games. Because it was the time when I have drama shooting, you know I cannot get suntanned. Really, I went there only for live (laugh)]
I remember Nino's answer when he was asked what is "concert for Arashi" during the live.It was [We are normal boys, but if a certain condition is fulfilled, we become deified group], and the condition was concert.
[In other words, our default is "normal people". Maybe we never experience bubble*. You think it's plain?! Even so I think, in the the moment concert or drama takes place, the sudden change is interesting.]

Read more... )

I like to notice what kind of suffix someone uses to call others. I find it interesting how Nino calls Matsujun with Jun-kun while calling Sakurai-san with Sho-chan. I'm trying to not read too much into this, but I just can't help it. ^____^

Thank you for reading.
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A few years ago, a daughter of a neighbor committed suicide by starvation. And I wonder how someone can go through that suffering to die. Because there are faster methods if you just want to end it. But most of all, I wonder if she just live one day longer, would she meet another man who could make her happy. I've been interested with the theme of "death" and "suicide" for a long time, perhaps because I used to wonder what would happen if I die, perhaps because a dear friend of mine tried to commit suicide, perhaps because every life ends with death.

I fell in love with this song. The melody, lyrics, and visualization got into me like hurls of hurricane. That's why I interpret it into English, for myself. Perhaps to try understanding those who decided to end their lives early, in their way, as they see fit. I am trying to understand to remind myself not to put judgement, and to remind myself not to run away from this reality.

The video is a piece of art work set in the forest dubbed as the suicide forest. It is on one side of Mount Fuji, in Shizuoka perfecture. It is an eerie world to enter because you can find dead bodies or belongings of those decided to leave this life. I've never been there, and I don't want to. I don't dare to.

My interpertation is not the same with the official translation from Amazarashi. Just so you be warned.

I'm digging a hole

穴を掘っている 人生どこで間違えた
穴を掘っている 自暴自棄にスコップを突き立てる
風が唸る森 夜鷹なんかが鳴いちゃってさ
まんまるな満月に 見張られてる25時
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It was a boring day in the lab when [livejournal.com profile] mt10lt20 suddenly asked me out of nowhere if AKIHIDE likes syoyu.
So random. lol. She said that her sister said that AKIHIDE has syoyu face (we later learned that it's one of the terms for Japanese face types). But since the question was already asken, I couldn't help but go and search for the word syoyu in AKIHIDE's blog. Hail the power of procrastination!!

I found a very cute and interesting blogpost of his here:


I'm secluding myself for work.
Today I'm at the first stage.
The rest will come when I wake up.

It reminds me, at the end of last month while traveling around Japan, I was half asleep
instead of using toothpaste, I brushed my teeth using facial foam.

This really cannot continue.
I should stop. That's only natural.

But up to this point of life, it has happened 2-3 times.
It was too shocking, I couldn't even get angry.

Before, when I was eating ramen, I wanted to add soy sauce because the taste was too light,
but I put sauce* instead, excellent!

It might be depending on each person' food choice, but as mentioned about, it cannot work.

Moreover, in the past, my father would put butter or milk, or orange on top of warm rice for garnish and eat it.
As a child, I did not believe in my father's taste.

When it comes to combination,
I put many things into curry.
Milk, chocolate, coffee, banana, natto, ume.
But in the end, normal curry tastes the best.

There might be original combination somewhere.
However, if it tastes normal for our tongue,
we take the things that we have is already as good enough.

However, I think, in music, the more things you mix, the more interesting it becomes.
The shock of using facial foam instead of toothpaste. It would be splendid to make music like that.
However, I need to make sure that the person listening to it wouldn't be angry...

PS: for those of you who doesn't know yet, sauce (ソース) is something like Worchester sauce. Here's more about it.

AKIHIDE is so cute. ^^

I think I did mixed up facial foam and toothpaste before. Once, almost washing my face with toothpaste. Many times almost brushing my teeth with facial foam. It's pretty stupid, but there are many other stupid things I did half asleep ... like putting my hand on top of stove just to check if it's hot, and i had first degree burn on my left palm. When I was a child I had doubt of my mother's taste in food, because she eats pineapple (not cooked at all) with rice. But when I get older, I follow my mother's instinct in food. I think I do mix in stuffs into my food and try to make recipe discovery. I think grilled banana goes well with beef steak, cheese and syoyu blends well ... but then, AKIHIDE-san, curry with milk is normal. Maybe next time you should try putting yoghurt or sour cream. It tastes awesome too... but please don't mix it to normal Japanese curry, please mix it into more Indian-taste curry. ^______^

PS2: I did try mixing japanese curry with chocolate... it was not good ... I don't like it. Next time I'll try coffee.
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^^ This is AKIHIDE's old interview that I translated half-way before I got busy with my master thesis last year.
I'm still not done with it, because I got busy with my real life... but I think it's nice to share, even if it's still merely a part of it.

If you spot any mistakes in translating or thought of better wording, please don't hesitate to tell me. I really appreciate concrit.


The Last Gamble

AKIHIDE, who was a boyscout during his elementary school, became obsessed with guitar after he was charmed by it during his second year of junior high school. Ever since then, no matter how he aimed for major debut, he was faced with failure. Moreover with the death of his father, he remembers the feeling of loss. And then when "his career is about to be over because of his age", he was invited by DAIGO and with determined readiness, started BREAKERZ. Since then, it has been 5 years, continueing in fast pace, unstringing AKIHIDE's cord of history.

If I have to think whom I want to be the center, there is only DAIGO anyway.

AKIHIDE-san owns a private site "AKIHIDE PLAY GUITAR", right? When I went there, on the Performance part in the Profile, following guitar, words like vocals, songwriting, arangement, illustration, web design were lined, and this year in February, also releasing picture book "Aru Hi Kokoro ga Arukemashita". Since before, among music and drawings, which one did you start first in your childhood?

Based on my own memory, as expected, it was music. I guess it's been that way since as long as I remember...... At that time, I guess, as everybody else, I was very much into anime and hero-theme TV shows. I used to really love that kind of things, so I used to put my casette recorder near my TV and recorded the theme-song. Then it became not enough for me, somewhere in between, I started creating songs with original theme.

Hee. In other words, does that mean you have started song writing and lyric writing at that early age?

Specifically, I don't remember what kind of song goes with what kind of lyrics. However, it seems that in my own way, putting together this kind of melody and this kind of lyrics, I sang, "Something Man~". At that time I lived in a housing complex in Hachiouji, I used to go to the verandah and facing towards the mothers who were hanging their laundry on the opposite block, singing the self-made songs in loud voice. I did it while introducing my own song (laughs).

You're letting yourself doing an earnest one man show (laughs).

That was about before I went to kindergarten, or right after I had gone to kindergarten.

Then, as you went to elementary school, I guess you joined music-related club?

No, around elementary school era, not at all. Rather than that, my activity was focused on boyscout, I mostly did out-door activities such as camping or mountain climbing.

What was the trigger that you joined boyscout?

I'm the only child, and also a latchkey child, so I was the kind of child who was asking for attention. My parents became worried about it, and around the 3rd grade of elementary school, they were like, "Let's put him into something like boyscout" and I was registered.

Because of that, AKIHIDE-san was raised during childhood in a healthy way.

Do you think so? By the way, that kind of thing does not really exists (laughs). School-year is not related to boyscout, junior high school students, high school students, and also adults who are giving instructions, there many occassions that everyone have activities together. Because of that, there were many older boys who have gone into puberty, and they told me about adult talks and informations about sexuality (wry smile).

Is that so? So that's how it was!

From my point as a 3rd grade elementary student, talks about the world that I couldn't be able to reach was something new and interesting. In that way, compared to boyscout activities, rather that things are the more anticipated, and there was also a time where I tried as hard as I could to master that (laughs).

That activity, since 3rd year of elementary school, until what age did it continue?

I did it until my 20's. To say that, after I turned about 17, my role became the one who taught.

Talking about that, I came to wonder, "What kind of things did you teach".

Ahaha. Well, I guess it's something similar to what I was taught. Of course, not only those things, but also the actual guidance (laughs).

Could it be, AKIHIDE-san's gentleman ettiquette and proper demeanor came from long years in the boyscout? Mostly, as someone reaches adolescence, that kind of activities became troublesome and tends to quit, however the point that you continued until adulthood, there's sense of dutifulness.

There was never a moment that I would leave it halfway. Basically, in elementary and junior high school, children who are in the  sport-related clubs are popular, aren't they? As for me, I wouldn't fit into that group no matter how I tried. To overcome that part of frustrations too, I gave my all to the boyscout. That's why I was never tired of it, and my life was lively in that way.

Coming to this, at that time, what kind of character AKIHIDE-san as a child at school?

At that time being, during elementary school, because of the boyscout I got to know adult knowledge compared to the other children (laughs), at that point I was regarded as, "he seems to know a lot of stuffs", and seems like I was more or less respected.

.... tbc ....

will repost if i somehow finish this.
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Xposted from [livejournal.com profile] toma_room

Now that I finished my thesis deadline and defense... and also some tests ... and now I have time to sit down to see this.

This is for [livejournal.com profile] my_jhersey17 who asked for translation here.

I have to note that my translation might not be correct and I tend to interpret into English instead of actually translating ^^;;;


"Johnny's Left Over". Ikuta Toma's Suffering from Junior until He Becomes Actor.

Ikuta Toma, actor under Johnny's, talked in a TV show about his worries in Junior era when among those from the same year and his juniors he was the only one not debuting. And now that he has flourished as an actor, he feels down when people around him say, "therefore there is no meaning to be a Johnny's anymore". He was saved from one of his senior's words.

Ikuta Toma's reason for entering Johnny's was his mother. When he appeared in Fuyusabure! Senpai ROCK YOU in January 26, he said, "My mother is SMAP's big fan, so she thought that she would be able to meet them if I subscribe for audition". Even though at that day he had a soccer match, he was told, "this kind of chance does not come twice" and was dragged to the audition.

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Title : Alchemist
Lyrics : Ooki Nobuo

Read more... )

Note 1: the English might make no sense, because I decided to translate as they cut the sentences. That's why there are bigger spaces in some lines.

Note 2: because I love ACIDMAN and I love Coelho's The Alchemist ^______________^

Note 3: I am well aware that translation can change meanings, and my translation is far from perfect. I'm not native Japanese nor English speaker.

Note 4: If you are the rightful copyright owner of this lyrics, and you would rather not have it here, please tell me and I will gladly take it down.
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This is a note for me and my friend in case we find some time to try making this chawan mushi. She's not really an Arashi fan, but she somehow watched AnS on TV and messaged me as soon as the corner was over and asked if we could try recreating this recipe.

Purupuru Chawanmushi

Screenshot from 2012-07-16 20:49:57

What you need:
2 eggs
400 cc dashi (I write down how to make your own dashi at the end of the post)

and 9 types of things to put inside the chawan mushi.
fu (wheat gluten)
kikurage (ear mushroom)
yaki anago (grilled sea eel)
ginkgo nuts
dried shiitake
boiled bamboo shoot,
shelled prawns
kamaboko (fish cake) - two types, green and pink

how to make:

  1. Put the fillings into chawan mushi bowl, from the lightest ones to the heaviest as written above (the top most is put at the bottom most of the bowl).

  2. In a big bowl, mix well the eggs and dashi, and strain it.

  3. Pour batter into the chawan mushi bowl and cover with aluminum foil.

  4. Pour water into a saucepan up to 1/3 of it, bring to simmer.

  5. Put the chawan mushi bowl inside, and steam with medium fire for about 12 minutes.

Just another note, something that I really don't like doing... Making dashi~!!
This is not from AnS, but rather from some books and internet sites.
You will need konbu (dried giant kelp) and katsuo bushi (bonito flakes).
Wipe the konbu until it is clean. Put the konbu in a pot of cold water, heat up with small heat, but NEVER let it boil. NEVER EVER let konbu boiled. Take the konbu away before it boils. Pour in katsuo bushi until the water is boiled. Take away from fire and let it cool down. Strain/filter the water, and there you have your basic dashi.
Of course, if you're too lazy for this, just buy dashi block at the supermarket and dilute it in hot water.

picture taken from raw by anj.
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somebody asked if there's anyone to translate the recipe in last saturday's shiyagare, and since i was thinking of trying making the hollandaise sauce, i translated the recipe for her. then i thought it's a bit wasted if i just post it in a comment. so here we go, the hollandaise sauce for egg benedict from Arashi ni Shiyagare April 28, 2012.

i will only give the sauce recipe, because the rest of it is so easy (arrange toast, ham, green salad, poached egg, and top with sauce, then sprinkle with white pepper and olive oil).

What you need:
2 eggs, 30cc white wine, 125g melted butter, 15 cc lemon juice, dash of white pepper, dash of salt, a bit of vegemite (there's a note that we can change vegemite with dashi shoyu)

mix eggs and white wine, beat until creamy, add butter, mix until it becomes the same thickness with mayonnaise, add lemon juice, salt and pepper, mix. then add the vegemite, mix well.

tip on making the poached egg, boil 2 litres of water with 50cc of vinegar until it gets to about 90 degrees Celsius. stir the water to make swirl on it, and pour the egg in one by one. keep the swirl by stirring and prevent the eggs from joining one another.

image captured from: anj
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can't help it, i felt the need to translate this song ^^
it's still raw and still very much incoherent in terms of English
will make it sound better later

Living Dolls

We are living in the same world?
僕と君 答えはないけど
運命の出会いさえ 誰かの決めごとで…

※If I can touch your heart
I can tell how you feel
名も無き人 僕以外は
They're all the same looking like dolls※

愛を知る事で 現実が見えてきた気がする
生きる意味を側で 手を握り返す 君が

The answer you gave me
First love that you brought me…



The answer you gave me
First love that you brought me…
We are living in the same world?
You and I     Though there's no answer
If it was just a fateful meeting     Someone's agreement

※If I can touch your heart
I can tell how you feel
I feel everything was laid out
People without names   Other than me
They're all the same looking like dolls※

To know love    I feel that reality came into view
Beside of the meaning of life   you are grabbing my hand back

Although I have doubt on this rusty world
The answer you gave me
First love that you brought me…
Why is my heart cloudy?

Although the sun rises, your eyes stay closed
The last tear is flowing in this world
You are not a doll, one that only I owned
This warmth, my eyes can not see

(repeat ※)

Although I have doubt on this rusty world
The answer you gave me
First love that you brought me…
In the threatening sky, the stars....
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I'm smiling for finishing this, but sad that we have to say goodbye to this series. It was so sudden. And as I was starting to take notes of the kanji and words that are unfamiliar to me from this article, that news of termination was dropped. Anyway, I kind of understand that decision.

But it was so weird... this is MSA#13, it's about Life and Death, the April edition (April is 四月 in Japanese - which -four and -death can be read as shi), … the last MSA? Maybe it's just coincidence?

I'm no professional/sworn translator, so I might have made mistakes, and there are some parts that I translate rather freely to my own interpertation or rearrange the words around. If you think I make mistakes or have better option, feel free to comment or PM me and we can discuss it.

生と死 - Life and Death



In the world, when we're talking about accepting life, there are many happy things, sad things, fun things , and bitter things that we experience, while living and and approaching death, how does AKIHIDEsan perceive life and death?
Nagano-ken / Hirogata Hiroko



When I was a child, I wonder if I ever thought of my own death...... )


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Lately I've been noticing this song, since it's always in my lulaby.
I know there's already translation of this song here, so I won't crosspost it.
But as lyrics goes, and the whole hidden  subject idea of Japanese
this translation is a little different to that one.
It's embedded with my own interpretation of the song,
so this is not a direct translation despite I'm trying to keep the same feeling.
some parts edited because of epic failure for translating past my bed time.

if you haven't listened to it, check this video ... a collaboration with a pantomime Robot Nozomi

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I'm totally in love with this band again, and again, and again. My mind keeps on going back to their live, where Ooki played with his loop effectors and Sato twiddled his bass like mad, while Urayama beat the drums with full power and sang harmony with Ooki. This band is musically my #1. They always makes me wonder how a band with only 3 members could sound so full and matured. Their live was total musical ejaculation - if I could say it that way. I promise myself, if they come to this city again, I will definitely see them live, and I will take some people with me, introducing the wonderfulness of this band.

As there seem to be no translation of ACIDMAN's lyrics online, I guess it won't hurt to make one.
Enjoy this song ^___________^

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I decided to take a break a little in my other translation plan ^^;;;
and change band a little for a while
and my decision falls on ACIDMAN's Noeru from the album ALMA



song/lyrics by : Ooki Nobuo

曖昧な事だらけ   偽りの事だらけ
深海の鳥の声    深淵の国の果て
僕らはいつまでも    無くし続けていて
aimaina koto darake    itsuwari no koto darake
shinkai no tori no koe    shinen no kuni no hate
bokura wa itsumademo   nakushi tsutzuketeite

Covered by fuzziness, covered by lies
The voice of the deep sea birds, the end of a country's abyss
We will always keep losing things

太陽が消えたってね    月も今消えたってね
taiyou ga kietattene   tsuki mo ima kietattene
sonna koto wa tokuni ki ni shitenaindane
bokura wa mata koko de hajimereba iindane

The sun disappears, now the moon also disappears
We particularly has no care of that
Isn't it good that we're starting here again

seiya no kane no oto ni nori
tooku no machi de naku kimi ni

Riding the chimes of the holy night
To you who is crying in faraway place

その心は離さず   抱えていてよ
tsutae ni iku kara
sono kokoro wa hanasazu   kakaeteiteyo

Starting from legend
Those hearts parted, carrying it

僕らとこの銃を 細かく刻んだら
全ては同じだね 光になるんだね
bokura to kono juu wo komakaku kisandara
subete wa onaji da ne  hikari ni narundane
bokura wa mata koko de hajimereba iindane

If you're chopping this gun to small pieces with me
Everything is the same, they turn to light
Isn't it good if we could start from here

heiwa no hane ga kaze ni nori
tooku no machi de naku kimi ni

The wings of peace is riding the wind
To you who is crying in faraway place

todoku youni
ima, chiisana wazukana koe wo narasuyo

By sending this over
Now, a mere small sound starts to ring



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