Jun. 19th, 2014

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It was a boring day in the lab when [livejournal.com profile] mt10lt20 suddenly asked me out of nowhere if AKIHIDE likes syoyu.
So random. lol. She said that her sister said that AKIHIDE has syoyu face (we later learned that it's one of the terms for Japanese face types). But since the question was already asken, I couldn't help but go and search for the word syoyu in AKIHIDE's blog. Hail the power of procrastination!!

I found a very cute and interesting blogpost of his here:


I'm secluding myself for work.
Today I'm at the first stage.
The rest will come when I wake up.

It reminds me, at the end of last month while traveling around Japan, I was half asleep
instead of using toothpaste, I brushed my teeth using facial foam.

This really cannot continue.
I should stop. That's only natural.

But up to this point of life, it has happened 2-3 times.
It was too shocking, I couldn't even get angry.

Before, when I was eating ramen, I wanted to add soy sauce because the taste was too light,
but I put sauce* instead, excellent!

It might be depending on each person' food choice, but as mentioned about, it cannot work.

Moreover, in the past, my father would put butter or milk, or orange on top of warm rice for garnish and eat it.
As a child, I did not believe in my father's taste.

When it comes to combination,
I put many things into curry.
Milk, chocolate, coffee, banana, natto, ume.
But in the end, normal curry tastes the best.

There might be original combination somewhere.
However, if it tastes normal for our tongue,
we take the things that we have is already as good enough.

However, I think, in music, the more things you mix, the more interesting it becomes.
The shock of using facial foam instead of toothpaste. It would be splendid to make music like that.
However, I need to make sure that the person listening to it wouldn't be angry...

PS: for those of you who doesn't know yet, sauce (ソース) is something like Worchester sauce. Here's more about it.

AKIHIDE is so cute. ^^

I think I did mixed up facial foam and toothpaste before. Once, almost washing my face with toothpaste. Many times almost brushing my teeth with facial foam. It's pretty stupid, but there are many other stupid things I did half asleep ... like putting my hand on top of stove just to check if it's hot, and i had first degree burn on my left palm. When I was a child I had doubt of my mother's taste in food, because she eats pineapple (not cooked at all) with rice. But when I get older, I follow my mother's instinct in food. I think I do mix in stuffs into my food and try to make recipe discovery. I think grilled banana goes well with beef steak, cheese and syoyu blends well ... but then, AKIHIDE-san, curry with milk is normal. Maybe next time you should try putting yoghurt or sour cream. It tastes awesome too... but please don't mix it to normal Japanese curry, please mix it into more Indian-taste curry. ^______^

PS2: I did try mixing japanese curry with chocolate... it was not good ... I don't like it. Next time I'll try coffee.


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