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A few years ago, a daughter of a neighbor committed suicide by starvation. And I wonder how someone can go through that suffering to die. Because there are faster methods if you just want to end it. But most of all, I wonder if she just live one day longer, would she meet another man who could make her happy. I've been interested with the theme of "death" and "suicide" for a long time, perhaps because I used to wonder what would happen if I die, perhaps because a dear friend of mine tried to commit suicide, perhaps because every life ends with death.

I fell in love with this song. The melody, lyrics, and visualization got into me like hurls of hurricane. That's why I interpret it into English, for myself. Perhaps to try understanding those who decided to end their lives early, in their way, as they see fit. I am trying to understand to remind myself not to put judgement, and to remind myself not to run away from this reality.

The video is a piece of art work set in the forest dubbed as the suicide forest. It is on one side of Mount Fuji, in Shizuoka perfecture. It is an eerie world to enter because you can find dead bodies or belongings of those decided to leave this life. I've never been there, and I don't want to. I don't dare to.

My interpertation is not the same with the official translation from Amazarashi. Just so you be warned.

I'm digging a hole

穴を掘っている 人生どこで間違えた
穴を掘っている 自暴自棄にスコップを突き立てる
風が唸る森 夜鷹なんかが鳴いちゃってさ
まんまるな満月に 見張られてる25時
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Title : Alchemist
Lyrics : Ooki Nobuo

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Note 1: the English might make no sense, because I decided to translate as they cut the sentences. That's why there are bigger spaces in some lines.

Note 2: because I love ACIDMAN and I love Coelho's The Alchemist ^______________^

Note 3: I am well aware that translation can change meanings, and my translation is far from perfect. I'm not native Japanese nor English speaker.

Note 4: If you are the rightful copyright owner of this lyrics, and you would rather not have it here, please tell me and I will gladly take it down.
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] gasara who had neatly retyped the lyrics to this wonderful song here at [livejournal.com profile] milkyway__  .

I'm not a native in either Japanese nor English, so I might mess up at places while trying to make English that makes sense.
But I'm quite confident about this translation...  ^_____^

Green Story

"I want to meet you"

tsubuyaita dake ja todokanai
ima goro dareka no tonari de nemutteru

I was young then I couldn't reach you
About this time on whose side are you sleeping at?

kimi nara shiawase ni nareru hazu dakara ne
tamani wa tegami wo okure yo
... uso dakedo

If it's you, I'm sure you could be happy
Once in a while write me a letter
... even if it's a lie

futari de kawashita yakuzoku wo
futari de dekaketa bashou tachi mo
amari ni mo oosugite
kono machi de wa ikirarenai
sanbashi mo koen mo hajimete kissu wo shita ano basho mo
ano goro to kawarazu kimi ga matteru you de...
dakara shiranai machi made
kimi wo wasure ni itte mo
hanarereba hanareru hodo ni omou
"moshimo kimi ga koko ni ireba..."
kore ijou kurushimasenai de

Exchanged promises between us
Places where we went out together
Excessively too many
This town is no longer livable
that bridge, that park, the place where we had our first kiss
I'm waiting for you who had changed from that time
That's why even if I'm going to an unknown quarter
to forget about you
thinking the further I go the more I could let go of you
"in case you are here right now ..."
this cannot suffer me more.

"I want to meet you"

ima mo kimochi wa tomerarenai
isso kimi wo yume da to omoetara
semete kimi no eranda sono aite ga
boku no shiranai hito nara yokatta noni

Even now I can't stop this feeling
And I still think to see you in my dreams
At least if the person you choose to be with
is someone I don't know, I'd feel alright

"kireina hoshizora ga mitai" to
kimi ga itta ano fuyu no hi ni
tsuretetta new town chisaina oka no ue
furueteru kimi no te wo toiki de kurunde atatamete
otagai no kimochi wi shitta sono basho

"I want to see the beautiful starry sky"
you said on that winter night
On the top of a small hill near the new town
your trembling hands wrapped around your breath to keep warm
the place where I came to know our mutual feeling

kimi ga kore kara doko de dare to sugosu toshitemo
tada hitotsu dake onegai ga aru
kimi to boku no basho ni wa
chigau dareka tsurete konai de

From now on you're going spend your time with someone else
but I only have one wish to you
that place of ours
please don't go there with anyone else

"I want to meet you"

ano hi sunao ni ietanonara
ima mo kimi to narande iretara kana?
semete futari eranda kono mirai wo
yume no saki e tsunageru michi ni shinakucha

That day If I could be more honest
I wonder if now I were still by your side
At least the future that we chose
should have been fastened to our previous dream 
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] gasara  (for providing the lyrics) and [livejournal.com profile] arachne1 (for the booklet scan) that I could obtain the lyrics of this beautiful song.

I love when Akihide writes lyrics like creating stories. This one is definitely my favorite.

This translation is nowhere near perfect. I'm not Japanese and am still learning my best (well, albeit lazy, I have very high interest in the language) in Japanese. Japanese language has a lot of layers that are sometimes difficult to translate into English. Other than that, there might be mistakes on understanding the conjugations and particles.. I am also not a native speaker of English, so if you found anything weird in this translation, please do leave a message and criticize.

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i just learned french for 6 months... spare me if i did wrong...
^_______^ \/  

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I have 4 songs from Tokio Hotel on my hdd, and I like 3 out of them. Yeah, here’s another translation.

It felt funny how their vocalist has this Visual Kei aura on him. Like the androgyny look, and all. Their music is somewhat the feeling of j-rock too. Are they manga/anime fans – like the case of the French band KYO? I haven’t checked about their background. Not that it’s important though.

Here you go… and as I said before, critics and flames are welcome.


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This band is probably seen as a disgrace of rock music by many metalheads, or at least, that’s how I see it when I was still active in Helloween’s official board. For me, this one sounds OK, so it got into my playlist for a while. And the translation proofed quite difficult for me, since my German is getting rusty. I haven’t practiced lately, other than translating my friend’s chats so he could pretend he understood German.

Anyway, here’s my translation. Critics and flames are welcome. It’s been cold lately.


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Rette Mich

(Tokio Hotel)

Zum ersten mal alleine in unserem versteck
Ich seh' noch unsere namen an der Wand
Und wisch' sie wieder weg
Ich wollt' dir alles anvertrauen
Warum bist du abgehauen
Komm zurück - Nimm mich mit


For the first time alone in our hiding
I still see our names on the wall
And wipe them away
I want to trust you everything
Why do you leave me?

Come back – Take me with you

Komm und rette mich - Ich verbrenne innerlich
Komm und rette mich - Ich schaff's nicht ohne dich
Komm und rette mich - Rette mich - Rette mich


Come and save me – I’m burning inside
Come and save me – I can’t go on without you
Come and save me – Save me – Save me

Unsere träume waren gelogen und keine träne echt
Sag dass das nicht wahr ist - Sag es mir jetzt
Vielleicht hörst du irgendwo
Mein s.o.s im radio
Hörst du mich - Hörst du mich nich'


Our dreams were lies and tears were true
Tell me that it’s not true – Tell me now
Maybe you’ll hear somewhere
My s.o.s on the radio

Do you hear me – Don’t you hear me?

Komm und rette mich - Ich verbrenne innerlich
Komm und rette mich - Ich schaff's nicht ohne dich
Komm und rette mich - Rette mich


Come and save me – I’m burning inside
Come and save me – I can’t go on without you

Come and save me – Save me – Save me

Dich und mich - Dich und mich - Dich und mich
Ich seh'noch unsere namen und wisch' sie wieder weg
Unsere träume war'n gelogen und keine träne echt
Hörst du mich - Hörst du mich nich'


You and me – You and me – You and me
I still see our names and wipe them away
Our dreams were lies and no tears were true

Do you hear me – Don’t you hear me?

Komm und rette mich - rette mich
Komm und rette mich - Ich verbrenne innerlich
Komm und rette mich - Ich schaff's nicht ohne dich
Komm und rette mich - Rette mich


Come and save me – Save me
Come and save me – I’m burning inside
Come and save me – I can’t go on without you
Come and save me – Save me



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