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finally there's some updates in monoral blog. i'm so happy.

i wonder if they're really going to release an album later this year.
and hopefully they'll make a concert at the end of the year.
i wanna see them live. what should i bring from indonesia as a gift for them?
coffee? batik? toys?

and then on to the translations....

ps: to Anis-san, Ali-san, or the management staffs,
please if you think I translate it wrong. just laugh it off.
i know you're all very fluent english speakers.
or if you don't like your blog translated just tell me.
and i will put them down.

Congratulations to MONORAL for the 9 year long of music...!!
I will continue to support you.

ps 2: why hasn't Ali-san posted lately? I miss him and his UFO. TT.TT

+++  +++  +++

July 28, 2010

9 Year Anniversary!

--- to see the pics head to this entry ---

Good evening.
Everyone who sent congratulations message on monoral 9 years anniversary, thank you! Actually, it's thanks to all of you that in our 10th year and beyond, we are able to continue making music. We believe that a god single will come out, and we're anticipating the tour that starts next month.
Today, with ali, we visited George and Tarou-chan in their radio show! Broadcasting the new song, and using the accoustic guitar in the studio, we were let to perform one song. They have been our friends who gives support to monoral. Big thanks. To everyone who came to play at InterFM, thank you ne~.

much love anis

+++  +++  +++

July 20, 2010


--- the picture can be seen here (it's anis and ali) ----

monoral, don't get me wrong but, this summer we're back!
everyone, it's been a while~. Sorry that lately I've only been updating my own blog nee~. Is everyone healthy? Today with ali we were givena  chance to do a live broadcast on TV. It's the first time we show, in the TV show origin, the new song in our country. It felt like the tour is soon starting. Everyone, come and play neー! Because the size (of the venue) for Nagoya and Sendai seems to become bigger, everyone please bring your friend.  laugh and tears there's also first time in Kyoto, so the anticipation multiplies. I wanna hury and do the tour. The picture is at today's TV show Origin, the part while we were listening about mother complex and the blooming two of us had our eyes closed. (laughs)
To those who have sent the programs mails, those who came to play at the program, thank you very much ne~.

much love anis
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Happy birthday to AKIHIDE!!
I don't know how to express my birthday wish to him
because somehow I don't know how to write more than a simple


so I decided to translate all his birthday entries from his blog.
This might be a weird way of celebrating it.
But well, I think that's what fans do.

Please note that I'm not a native in either of the languages,
so mistakes could be made while understanding and translating these posts.

So here it goes...

++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ +++

2009 )

++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ +++

2008 )

++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ +++

2007 )

++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ +++

2006 )

++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ +++

2005 )

++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ +++

2004 )

++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ +++

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Changed my mind in just seconds XDDD because Anis posted an entry in the MONORAL blog.
And I miss the two together so much already. ^________________^
and akira was there too...!!

June 24, 2010

Tour Decided!!

[ this picture ]

It's been a while~. Tour is decided!
After about 8 months after monoral one man live, so without fail please come to play. I want to hurry and let you hear the new song. We're in the middle of high-praised recording**. Look forward to it!
Yesterday was RENT press release,  therefore thank you to those who have come to support~. A while ago we as monoral were let to play 2 songs unplugged*. ali was flipping guitar! Akirassu also participated, and in the end everybody was dancing on stage! of course ali and akirassu also participated. It was really a fun day-!
This year, summer are you supporting monoral together?
the picture is our manager's only masterpiece~. (laugh)

much love anis

** i'm lost... did i misunderstand his words again?
* kill me, i'm a bit MTV biased, so unplugged instead of acoustic. =P
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Among all the Japanese blogs that I read, Anis is the only one not supporting for Japan. Hehehehehe. But of course, he was raised in France, so he's rooting for France.

Charira* in Osaka!
[3 images of Anis on a bike]

Today taking a patrol to the south on bike with a Morrocan friend. It's really fun ~. (laughs) Taking patrol in the afternoon is good ne~. Yesterday I was up all night with Akirassu, now Akirassu is still in the dream world. Tomorrow please come to play. Look forward for the preparation of the Omikuji live-!

much love anis

*a pun of chari (bike) and shalila? ^^;;;;

[picture of Anis and Akira and ... I don't know the other 2... Anis' Morrocan friend and...papa?]

To those who came to play in our Omikuji Live, I really thank you~. The set list is considerably different from Tokyo Omikuji ne~. Papa participated in 3 songs, and at midnight Mickey and Emirii participated in one song so it's varied. The theme this time is Hana Yori Dango (dango over flower/people who are more interested in practical things over aesthetical value)! (laugh) Yesterday the weather was good, but today as I went out from the hotel it rained hard. Until next month when I come back to Osaka, therefore please treat me well~. Next is yukata night. And before that Wine night. Look forward to it. (laugh)

much love anis

Nice Matsui

[picture of a smiling lady wiping a window]

Iyaー. Today is pleasant. Exciting ne~! World Cup is fun. Although France's match was a disappointment*, today I feel refreshed. Have a good night rest~.

much love anis

*It's actually written "Because France's match was a disappointment..." but I feel the conjugation seems jumbled.... so I changed it. I'm sorry.
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2005.1.24 2:00 

I dreamed.
A modern version of my childhood happy memory.
Nowadays I think it's never realized.
Thinking that, being able to see it is happy and heartrending. 

But dream is mysterious, ne (certainly!)
It happens a lot of times, ne? Someone you don't know from the next class appears in your dream
and the next day you became worried about it.

Even though most of the times you immediately forget the contents of you dream,
somehow some deep footsteps are left behind.
Then somehow or another, you want to continue to dream of the footsteps that are not yet appear.
That's impossible.
But if you could see the truth of the dream, certainly to people who can continue to sleep
it will certainly appear.

In the past  heard that if you look down under your pillow a connection will spread out and you sleep
seems that you can dream that dream.
Tonight I might try to do so.

come to think of it, I also heard about the pillow and dream just like what Akihide wrote.
did try it... but it didn't happen.
somehow the continuation of dream would appear when you least expect it.

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I wish that my favorite artists are real human and not merchandise to sell by the company.

I'm not talking about Anis or MONORAL. Some of you might understand of what I'm talking about.

and about the translation, forgive me for being lazy to check on the names of the people mentioned here.


Is everyone healthy?
Today the wind is very nice!
lately it's rather condensed, this week I head south earlier to Osaka
not patrolling. World Cup is starting so it seems like there's going to be unnecessary confinement. Sukapaa doesn't seem to cancel his contract. The games in which France play, I always gather in a friend's place, making dinner party and get excited. It will be great if I can do that this year. What do you do at the game in which Japan play? I'm really excited expecting the ball game!

much love anis

* I can't find what this means... I'll edit later when I have the reference.
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2 dozens

[picture of 2 boxes of Menetou-Salon wine*]

Everyone, how are you getting along? Er... finally 2 dozens arrived. Why it's curious that wine disappears so fast? Why? Wonder if until June's Wine Accoustic Live they could wait as stock... sou sou! It has nothing to do with it, but do you know about parumit? In Japan it's not a major thing, ne? It tastes somethinglike a mix of white asparagus, pickles, and bamboo shoots. It's the first time I found a place that sells it in Japan. I often ate it when I was in Morocco, so I kind of miss it. It's good mixed into salad! What about creating Osaka Parumit Omikuji? (laughs) No way. See you~.

much love anis

* anis said that it's his favorite wine ^_____^ wonder if i can find it in Indonesia.
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I'm laughing myself off, reading this entry. He reminds me to some of my designer friends (and to say that I'm also a designer, but working in a corporate one, instead of independently).

2005.2.12 0:11

Today, while taking the day-train I was surprised.
It was just like morning rush in the weekdays.
When I got off the train I came to know that it's the start of a consecutive holiday...

I basically have no sense of the days.
That's why I keep forgetting bank's closing day, the garbage collecting days*, missing a lot of favorite TV programs. (but don't get me wrong, it doesn't mean that my room is dirty)
Before, in order to arrange my schedule, the written schedule
now things like song memo are sleeping under the design rough, completely meaningless...
Picking them up from the sea of papers of schedule, I will soon notice the appointment time.
Looking at it for a while, and put it back into the sea of paper.
Somehow it'll be manageable!
I'm giving myself words of miracle.
Then, let tomorrow be a good day!

* in Japan there are different garbage collecting days for different garbage. And they're really strict on that. One must put the garbage early in the morning, and if they're late, then they'd have to wait until the next collection. They separate it into flamable, non-flamable, big garbage (like electronics and stuffs), and ... iinm they have to separate organic too, but I'm not sure. missing one collecting day means you have to keep the garbage inside your house.
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i hate the internet because it's been on-off for a while, making me failed in downloading oshareism that i want to see. argh!!
and i've been missing akihide, since he hasn't updated, at least until about an hour ago... i present again... another post from the old blog. ^____^ enjoy!!

2005.2.27 1:02

In front of me, who is waiting for bus,
there's a old woman in a thick hoodie.
Shivering from the cold,
her voice called, "Today's cold, isn't it?"
"It really is," came my reply.
While waiting for the bus that was late from its schedule, I talked a little with the old lady.
As the bus finally came the old lady said, "Thank you for the chit chat. Waiting became less boring," while smiling cutely.
I want to be like that kind of old people.
Surely, for that purpose, I enjoy everyday, and have to live strongly, ne.
From that saying, I received a change of peacefulness.
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Yeah!! now I have internet access at home too. not a fast kind one... but i think it's enough to go online and download once in a while. So... let me present you ... anis blog updates.
I want to eat the food he prepares too..!!


Good morning~. Today the weather is good. Omikuji live biori.* I'm starting to cook now. Collecting the ingredients was difficult. Because I couldn't understand the picture, I put the normal tabasco. canned tuna and mayonaise, and tabasco ten times the ammount! Isn;t it great? I thought of making it at the live, but really, on stage is going to be difficult, but because I want to make it, I bring them. I prepared a hugecooler box with cooling agent (cooling pack). It feels like going camping. It seems like it can hold up to three days!
Please enjoy!

much love anis

Anis Kaze Diabolo Tuna Dip

Thank you for coming to play yesterday~. I like the tension in the Omikuji Live. This time I'm thinking of an interesting set list. Yesterday, being told about the treat after the live by everyone was nice. Really, while everyone was eating, I intruded, wanted to know about your opinions. (laughs) Although preparing such big ammount was hard, seeing everyone eating, I'm thinking of cooking again. If there's an ingredient that you can't eat, I'm sorry for those who couldn't do the sampling. Next time please give me menu expectation! In the mean time, here's Anis Kaze Diabolo Tuna Dip Reipe!
Canned tuna
cayenne pepper
hot garam masalla (esupii*)

cut olive, onion, jalapeo and parsley finely,
add to tuna and mayonaise, mix well,add spices to finish.
the ammount of ingredients depends on your feeling at that day.
At All Night, I was 120% drunk.(laugh)
I'm really sorry. It really turned.Next month will be wine night, if everyone got drunk, it would be scarry!
I'm always very moved by everyone's kindness. Thank you.

much love anis


* no idea what he's talking about... anyone has any reference i can check?
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I decided to translate the old blog posts when there's no update from Akihide. It's fun, really. And I need to read Japanese to practise. So when I succeed in learning Japanese and become a translator one day, Akki surely be one of those I thank from the bottom of my heart.

But I will definitely only translate the interesting ones... and I will go backward from the latest one in the old life to the oldest one.
I notice that his language was not as difficult as today, but biased as I am, I think it's really interesting to read. Akki's way of thinking is so amusing... and I can't help but agree that he's such an odd ball. ^_____________^


2005.3.3 2:13

March is already starting.
Despite of that it's really cold.
There's no heater in my working room! That's why I'm always wrapped in blanket, typing on the computer. even though originally I'm not a person who minds about cold or heat, this year I'm suffering a little...  Thinking that it will get warm soon, I missed the timing to buy home heater, and tonight it comes. Tomorrow seems like it's going to snow. That's certainly cold, isn't it?

Aren't children outdoor creatures?
Often I notice boys with shorts in the cold weathers.
Actually I was that way to when I was small (laughs).
Until the 6th year of elementary school I always ran around wearing shorts.
Even now, I'm indifferent towards cold, it's because of that, I think.

I also didn't ride bike until the 6th year of my elementary school. (although I used to ride it in kindergarten)
That's why, when everyone was riding bicycle, me, who wore shorts would run to follow them. That's why now, if the train doesn't work, I will walk even if it takes an hour.
Although why did I become that kind of child I can't remember,
maybe I was trying to be different from most people.
Tomorrow I will walk the streets wearing shorts M (absolutely impossible though...)

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Since lately I'm too lazy to post twice each time i do a translation... i decided to sum them up in one post here.... just because i want to have them in my page too, in case something happened. >.<

if you have read them at BREAKERZ com... it's basically just copy pasted.

it's 3:10 am and i'm still at the office... i want my bed... badly...!!

akihide life of May 21-25 can be accessed under this cut... )
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I was like WHAT o.O)) when I first saw this post...!!
Anis wrote about the same moon the other day   ^______________^
check here for the pics and entry... and here for the failed translation.
I'm so happy .... 

btw, I don't want to translate anis' blog entry today... because ... I'm not that interested in drums.

tsuki no shanpo.
walk of the moon.

kinou mita yuugure no tsuki wa
sugu chikaku ni ichiban boshi wo idaiteite
sanagara yozora no hiruba ni hayaku kisugita koibito no you.

The moon I saw in the evening yesterday
seems to embrace the first star* closest to it
just like someone who runs through the plaza of night sky towards her lover.

karera ga miorosu no wa
gai no hikari, hito no itonami, nemuru inochi tachi.

What they are overlooking
are the street light, human conduct*, and lives that sleep***.

hayasugita futari wa
amari ni kireidatta no de
kito itsumo isshouni takusan no hito no kanrareteita deshou.

the two of them who are rushed
even though excessively beautiful
certainly always together and observed by a lot of people.

mobairu no kata no shiataa wo
toittemo sude ni PC han ni aru monogatari de wa ary no desuga
yokattara himana toki ni.

I updated the theater for those using mobile.
Although I say it's already too late new story is up in the PC edition
please visit on your spare time.

shizukana yoru ni
sukoshi no arukooru wo sagashi ni kicchin e.

In this silent night
searching for a little alcohol in the kitchen.

yoi yoru wo
yoi asa wo.

Have a good night sleep.
Have a pleasant night
have a pleasant morning.

* 一番星 this means the first star that appears in the evening ... evening star, which means Venus ...
** 営み means life but I decided to translate it into conduct, because the kanji seems to emphasize life as in what human do in life, rather than life itself.
***眠る命達 this is rather hard to explain, because nemuru can also mean sleep or closing one's eye, while inochi itself means life. so one can also interpret it as life that is dying or life that is sleeping.... but it could also mean simply people who sleeps. I'm over-analyzing this.
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Since AKIHIDE hasn't updated his blog, I finally could sit down while having lunch and translate Anis' blog. >.< I can't believe how much I have missed since the last time I read his blog. Hahahaha... Sorry, Anis-san, you're not my translation priority lately.

But that really doesn't mean that I'm leaving him. I finally get to order MONORAL Petrol reissue because [livejournal.com profile] adrio_nevralka is ordering something too and we can join the shipping fee to cut up the price if there are more people ordering. Thankies to Miku. I can't wait until I get my hand on Petrol... on the joint celebration of Gackt's, Jin's and Akihide's birthday on July 4th, which is also the day I'm going to take JLPT 3 test. (yes, it's like 1.5 months away, but we already plan for another karaoke gathering - to bad doremido went bankrupt TT.TT)

Why am I ranting on this post? o.O .... And again, Anis' Japanese is just so out of this world that I keep on wondering if the mistakes I thought he made is there with intention of making a pun or... is it just me who keeps on misunderstanding his posts... or... maybe he's not that fluent when it comes to writing Japanese?!? I leave words I can't translate as it is. I hate onomatopoeia and katakana... and non-standard Japanese...!! *cries* I think if Anis somehow end up in my translation page, he'd rofl at me for my failures and my misunderstanding.

i hate reposting pictures, so if you wanna see them, simply go to Anis Official Blog and find the respective pictures.

Just keep in mind that this translation is a big fail (in both understaning the Japanese and writing the English)....
Now on to the translation....


Cutlet Sandwich

[2 pics of katsu sandwich]

Well~. Osaka, I really thank you~. Last night's accoustic live was eroero BELT first song, right from the start I did 'Time after Time' that I wanted. At the encore urgently papa called from the guest seating, did 'Sunday Dream', it was fun! Papa also thought that everyone in Osaka was cute too.
Late at night was rather too humored and became warm and fluffy. To everyone who has had came to peak together, thank you! Why did I appear on the encore alone with accoustic guitar? (laughs)
Today papa treated Akirassu, Kazuo-chan, and Tomo-chan special cutlet sandwich, and everyone came to perform at  千里中央. I had egg sandwich. It was totally delicious~. Everyone at BELT is also thankful for that. (laughs)
Until then~

much love anis

more fail attempt under this cut ^____^ )=======================

I wanna see Omikuji live TT.TT
I wanna see Anis' rendition of these songs... I'm totally curious...
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It's surprising that AKIHIDE posts in the middle of the day.... ^^

Translated in a haste.... I think I messed up at a lot of places....
Critics are welcome.

I'm posting this one first, and then the yesterday's post at 17:00 later.
Done translating before the internet restriction time is up..!! yay...!!

fixed a lot of things (hopefully) ... thanks to [livejournal.com profile] minlilin 

Posted by akihidelife at 03:51
michikusa kuu.
Eating Roadside Grass.

michi wo aruitara
mae ni ita obaasan ga
michibata no happa wo nioi wo ureshisou ni kaideita

While walking the street
The old lady in front of me
seems delightfully sniffing the scent of the leaf from the sideway greens.

nandarou to omotte
boku mo maneshite kaide mitara
happa nanoni tottemo amakute sugasugashii kaori ga shite odoroita.

Thinking, what the-
I tried to copy-cat her sniffing
I was surprised that the leaves gives out sweet smelling and refreshing scent.

nan no ha ka wakaranai kedo
kitto ano obaasan wa sore wo shitteitandarou na.

I don't know what kind of leave it is
but certainly, that old lady is supposed to know.

sore wa chisai kei kara no koto ka
sono jidai no kodomo wa minna shitteitanoka
sore tomo taberu koto ga syuttau happa de
shofu toshite shitta no ka.

Is it since the time she was small,
all the children from that period, perhaps knows about it
or else if it is edible leaf
the housewives perhaps knows.

michibata de
nanka tokushita ki ni narimashita.

on the street's green way
copying her
somehow raised my mood.

sekkaku nanode
tabereruka to
hitomazu kandemitara
totetsumonaku shibukatta,,,
sou ieba, obaasan wa kuchi ni wa iretenakatta...
michikusa wa kuu nomo janai desune.

Even though troublesome,
wondering if it's edible
once trying to chew
really puckery,,,
Which reminds me, the old lady didn't put the leaf in her mouth...
Roadside grass is not food, ne.

haru no genkina kaze ni tokiori tobarasesou ni naru gogatsu.
ashita, douzo anata ni totte
kokochiyoi hi de arimasu you ni.

The robust wind of spring that sometimes seem like it makes May fly.
Tomorrow, please fetch yourself
so as to have a comfortable day.

Posted by akihidelife at 13:34
yukkuri to,.

atatakai gogo.
seiseishisa to urahara ni
saki hodeo tabeta kimuchi no kaori ga heya ni misumacchi.
sore wo sarigenaku follow shi hajimeta koucha.
yukkuri to jikan wa, demo kakujitsu no jikan ga nagarete yukimasu.

It's a warm afternoon.
I feel refreshed, as opposite
from the mismatching aroma from the previously eaten kimchi.
And casually following it up with black tea.
The slow moving time, however in certainty the time continues to flow.

senjitsu, to ittemo kinou,
DAIGOkun no musical wo kantekimashita.
sakaridakusan de hanayaka de DAGOkun rashi sa mo atte
totemo tanoshikatta naa.

The other day, that is yesterday,
DAIGO-kun's appeared in musical.
Being at his prime, it's really the brilliant DAGOkun*
it was really enjoyable.

hajimatta bakari dato omoimasuga
taichou ni ki wo tsukete,
"tabi" wo shite hoshii desune.

Even though it's really for the first time
take care of (your) physical conditiona
you really want to take this "journey", ne.

heya de wa BB.King no raibu live eizou ga heavy rotation.
80 sai wo koete mo
takusan no stage de hajiite utau idai naru senjin.
sono oto wa tabi wi kasaneta
fukami wi tadayowaseru.

in my room BB. King's live show is on heavy rotation.
Even though he's already over 80 years old
flippng while singing on a lot of stages, becoming a great pioneer.
Talking about that sound, it's a compilation of travels
floating in the depth.

sono fukami wo mokushishite
gogatsu no hirusagari.

Aiming for that depth
Early afternoon of May.

boku wa boku no oto wo sagashite
anata wa anata no "sore" wo sagashite
tabi no hibi, tanoshiku kyou wo ikimashou.
yukkuri to, demo kakujitsu ni mae ni.

I am searching for my sound
you are searching for "that"
days of travels, let's go through this enjoyable today.
Slowly, but certainly moving forward.

dewa dewa,
ii ichi nichi wo.

Well well,
have a pleasant day.

* this typo is not mine, so I keep it the way it is.
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I decided to put this translation into priority and left Anis' entries for the while because I don't want to lose the moment. It's Shinpei's birthday today... I hope I didn't mess up this translation.


i wish you a lot of happiness with chappy


gogatsu no atatakai hibi.
Warm days of May.

yuruyaka ni kaze ga nagarete
kokoro karuyaka ni naru.

The wind blows leniently
my heart becomes lighter

sou, kyou wa shinpi noo tanjoubi.
And, today is Shinpi's birthday.

itsumo mawari wo nagomaseru sono akari.
sono akari no tsuyosa ga
kyou, mata sara ni ayumidasu hibi ni
yori kagayaki wo mashimasu youni.

The light that calms its surrounding.
Because the strength of that light was born
Today, until later,in the days you walk on
I wish the radience becomes brighter and brighter.

tanjoubi omedetou.
Happy birthday.


A little Japanese lesson from our dearest Akihide-san .... he uses the word 歩む (ayumu) which means walk, just like 歩く (aruku) - see the same kanji... but the difference is, ayumu is more like walking in life or experience or school days, because this word is rather old and not used in everyday talks. Although sometimes people still say "Akachan wa ima ayundeimasu yo." (the baby is now walking)...

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Double post!! Because Anis updated his moblog faster that I update the translation. He seems so excited to be in Osaka. Somehow, he's also Osakan, even if he doesn't seem like it (yeah, Anis spent most of his pre-kindergarten years in England and Marocco and his childhood in Paris, he won't sound like an Osakan).


Kazuo in OSAKA

[insert picture of Kazuo here]

After this ~. Takoyaki and beer time! Osaka is always lovely. I'm thinking of tomorrow's setlist. But first of all, Kazuo-chan who's taking another serve of raw beer is speaking~.

chu much love anis


Now to Osaka.

[insert a picture of the sea from a hill here]

Good day good weather for driving. Everybody's going to Osaka. It seems like midsummer. So warm~. I wonder, is it going to rain~? (laughs) I hope it won't. Please be friendly towards BELT. So said the leader.

much love anis


Ah, so BELT now does live in Osaka too. ^_____^ I hope they're getting enough attention on them.
Wonder if Anis would put a picture of Akira again.
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I'm always lost in Anis' blogs. Both in the official solo blog and the MONORAL blog, his Japanese is confusing me. There are words that seems wrongly typed or out of place and too weird to comprehend, or maybe this is how non-native speakers try express himself using Japanese? Or maybe he's got this weird sense of humor in his way of writing.

I hope I won't give up translating the way I did.

I'm no native speaker of Japanese nor English, therefore this translation is way, way, way far from good.


[insert picture of the sun here]

To those who came to play to the accoustic live the day before yesterday, thank you.
A lot of highlights happened*. Huraa!** Kazuo-chan who came to play, and participated late at night, thank you. This is the first time I used an effector called loop. You can record sounds that you like on field, and play it repeatedly in its system. If you're piling up for harmony, it becomes erotic. As for Mr. April, Papa came. Papa sang both Goodbye from both our original song and Beatles. Because it was so fun, I didn't realize it's over. Afterwards, regarding RENT press conference, I'm feeling nervous. Everyone was attaching -san on my name when calling, I'm feeling happy. (laugh) I really thank you for always being nice. RENT is a new challenge that I won't face alone, to feel this challenge with everyone is heartening. As concerning the accoustic live, back to origin, it's a place where a lot of music that I love can be played freely. Look forward to it every month. Somehow, I have a hunch that if you can't enjoy doing music freely, then you can't continue. By the way, Papa said that everyone are cute and nice. Hearing him speak that way, I was really glad. Cute♪ Next week BELT in Osaka~.

much love anis

* I don't understand this sentence, but it seems like it.
** I'm only concluding that he meant to say "hurah" or "huria" but since there no hu in kana system, it became fura-. Not sure, though...

I miss MONORAL so much. I miss the musical spice that is Anis.

Little did I know that Anis was guesting in a Korean pop singer Uhm Jung-Hwa. He sang in the song called In This Rain. Why am I always late when it comes to this guy? He guested in Uhm Jung-Hwa's album in 2004 called Self Control. I didn't realize he actually linked to her (old and currently dysfunctional) official homepage in anisweb since way back. I wasn't diligent enough to click over all the links he provided.

So... anyone has that song? Could anyone share? I'm searching through the net, but perhaps I have no skill in looking for Korean songs... no result. Yet..!!

Why are things related to him are so darn hard to find?

*cries and promises herself not to fall for indies singer anymore*
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I'm always late in translating MONORAL blog.
Ever since they went "missing" for their respective solo projects, I lost interest in them.
Not because I don't like them anymore, but because it's frustrating.
Their solo materials are for live only...!!
With Anis playing in BELT (which has no records at all), acoustic lives, and the musical..!!
With Ali playing radio DJ ... and definitely not available outside Japan. TT.TT

I know Ali said that they're currently working on new materials... but...
They're the kind of real artists and not your typical Japanese entertainer...
if they can be considered Japanese at all... ^^;;;


OK... on to the what Anis said about RENT - no day but today -


Is everyone healthy? Is there anyone surprised, I am to appear in a musical called RENT. Just as first sexual experience*, but it's really fun. Off course I'm nervous, there's a lot of expectations. The first time I watched a musical in NY, it was really, really overwhelming. After the show was over, the applause was really loud.
For the rooting messages, I really thank you.

much love anis

* I think he "mistyped" again here? a little off the hook, isn't he?

... I'm a little excited about this, because the show starts on my birthday...!! ok, early birthday wish... can I get a ticket there?

for more about RENT! click here or click to this Wikipedia link.

Anis will play Roger Davis.

Roger Davis, A once successful, but now, struggling musician who is HIV positive and an "ex-junkie." He hopes to write one last meaningful song before he dies. He is having a hard time coping with the fact that he, along with many others around him, know that they are going to die. His girlfriend April killed herself after finding out they had HIV. He is roommates with Mark. Tenor
(wikipedia - in case you're too lazy to read the whole wiki link i provided)


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