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Title : Alchemist
Lyrics : Ooki Nobuo

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Note 1: the English might make no sense, because I decided to translate as they cut the sentences. That's why there are bigger spaces in some lines.

Note 2: because I love ACIDMAN and I love Coelho's The Alchemist ^______________^

Note 3: I am well aware that translation can change meanings, and my translation is far from perfect. I'm not native Japanese nor English speaker.

Note 4: If you are the rightful copyright owner of this lyrics, and you would rather not have it here, please tell me and I will gladly take it down.
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Lately I've been noticing this song, since it's always in my lulaby.
I know there's already translation of this song here, so I won't crosspost it.
But as lyrics goes, and the whole hidden  subject idea of Japanese
this translation is a little different to that one.
It's embedded with my own interpretation of the song,
so this is not a direct translation despite I'm trying to keep the same feeling.
some parts edited because of epic failure for translating past my bed time.

if you haven't listened to it, check this video ... a collaboration with a pantomime Robot Nozomi

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I'm totally in love with this band again, and again, and again. My mind keeps on going back to their live, where Ooki played with his loop effectors and Sato twiddled his bass like mad, while Urayama beat the drums with full power and sang harmony with Ooki. This band is musically my #1. They always makes me wonder how a band with only 3 members could sound so full and matured. Their live was total musical ejaculation - if I could say it that way. I promise myself, if they come to this city again, I will definitely see them live, and I will take some people with me, introducing the wonderfulness of this band.

As there seem to be no translation of ACIDMAN's lyrics online, I guess it won't hurt to make one.
Enjoy this song ^___________^

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I decided to take a break a little in my other translation plan ^^;;;
and change band a little for a while
and my decision falls on ACIDMAN's Noeru from the album ALMA



song/lyrics by : Ooki Nobuo

曖昧な事だらけ   偽りの事だらけ
深海の鳥の声    深淵の国の果て
僕らはいつまでも    無くし続けていて
aimaina koto darake    itsuwari no koto darake
shinkai no tori no koe    shinen no kuni no hate
bokura wa itsumademo   nakushi tsutzuketeite

Covered by fuzziness, covered by lies
The voice of the deep sea birds, the end of a country's abyss
We will always keep losing things

太陽が消えたってね    月も今消えたってね
taiyou ga kietattene   tsuki mo ima kietattene
sonna koto wa tokuni ki ni shitenaindane
bokura wa mata koko de hajimereba iindane

The sun disappears, now the moon also disappears
We particularly has no care of that
Isn't it good that we're starting here again

seiya no kane no oto ni nori
tooku no machi de naku kimi ni

Riding the chimes of the holy night
To you who is crying in faraway place

その心は離さず   抱えていてよ
tsutae ni iku kara
sono kokoro wa hanasazu   kakaeteiteyo

Starting from legend
Those hearts parted, carrying it

僕らとこの銃を 細かく刻んだら
全ては同じだね 光になるんだね
bokura to kono juu wo komakaku kisandara
subete wa onaji da ne  hikari ni narundane
bokura wa mata koko de hajimereba iindane

If you're chopping this gun to small pieces with me
Everything is the same, they turn to light
Isn't it good if we could start from here

heiwa no hane ga kaze ni nori
tooku no machi de naku kimi ni

The wings of peace is riding the wind
To you who is crying in faraway place

todoku youni
ima, chiisana wazukana koe wo narasuyo

By sending this over
Now, a mere small sound starts to ring



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