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I know I started translating 世界の果て first, but somehow this one overtakes the long abandoned project.
maybe because the mood of this story fits me better. talking about... love... *sighs*

the story can be accessed from here
then go to the Moon Side Theater, go the 5th floor and find the movie or simply click on the poster on the below right or for non-flash users or mobile phone internet, please head here.

Since I don't want to copy-paste his artwork here and therefore each scene is separated by red crosses here, please go to the aforementioned homepage to enjoy the whole experience. Watching the flash movie is the best because the music is also superb (but then again I'm really Akihide biased, so maybe you have different opinion).

Please enjoy the story.

The Umbrella who Loved
-Love Series no. 2-

story, art, music by Akihide Sato


Once there was a couple who loved each other

However in one bright day
the lady was gone


As she came to the heaven's door, she requested the god
"Even if my form is changed, I want to be by his side."

The god hesitated
but he put her soul into...


the bright red umbrella that she gave to her lover


the bright red umbrella protected her lover from the heavy downpour


the bright red umbrella
protected her lover from the piercing cold of the snow


However one day, as the times passed by

a young woman huddled with the man
under the bright red umbrella


she was the new lover
the bright red umbrella was burned with jealousy
it refused to open, avoiding the rain
so the two of them were troubled


then the new lover said,
"let's throw away that umbrella"

but the man laughed gently
he only said, "it's a valuable thing for me."
while folding the sulking umbrella carefully


the bright red umbrella began to cry

gently god addressed her
"nobody can stop time...
but it does not wash away anything, it accumulates
for things that the eyes cannot see
the time with you remains important."


after that
the bright red umbrella no longer broken
and always seem to be by his side.

----- end -----

PS: comments, critics, and flames are very much welcome. ^_______^ 


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