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finally there's some updates in monoral blog. i'm so happy.

i wonder if they're really going to release an album later this year.
and hopefully they'll make a concert at the end of the year.
i wanna see them live. what should i bring from indonesia as a gift for them?
coffee? batik? toys?

and then on to the translations....

ps: to Anis-san, Ali-san, or the management staffs,
please if you think I translate it wrong. just laugh it off.
i know you're all very fluent english speakers.
or if you don't like your blog translated just tell me.
and i will put them down.

Congratulations to MONORAL for the 9 year long of music...!!
I will continue to support you.

ps 2: why hasn't Ali-san posted lately? I miss him and his UFO. TT.TT

+++  +++  +++

July 28, 2010

9 Year Anniversary!

--- to see the pics head to this entry ---

Good evening.
Everyone who sent congratulations message on monoral 9 years anniversary, thank you! Actually, it's thanks to all of you that in our 10th year and beyond, we are able to continue making music. We believe that a god single will come out, and we're anticipating the tour that starts next month.
Today, with ali, we visited George and Tarou-chan in their radio show! Broadcasting the new song, and using the accoustic guitar in the studio, we were let to perform one song. They have been our friends who gives support to monoral. Big thanks. To everyone who came to play at InterFM, thank you ne~.

much love anis

+++  +++  +++

July 20, 2010


--- the picture can be seen here (it's anis and ali) ----

monoral, don't get me wrong but, this summer we're back!
everyone, it's been a while~. Sorry that lately I've only been updating my own blog nee~. Is everyone healthy? Today with ali we were givena  chance to do a live broadcast on TV. It's the first time we show, in the TV show origin, the new song in our country. It felt like the tour is soon starting. Everyone, come and play neー! Because the size (of the venue) for Nagoya and Sendai seems to become bigger, everyone please bring your friend.  laugh and tears there's also first time in Kyoto, so the anticipation multiplies. I wanna hury and do the tour. The picture is at today's TV show Origin, the part while we were listening about mother complex and the blooming two of us had our eyes closed. (laughs)
To those who have sent the programs mails, those who came to play at the program, thank you very much ne~.

much love anis
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Changed my mind in just seconds XDDD because Anis posted an entry in the MONORAL blog.
And I miss the two together so much already. ^________________^
and akira was there too...!!

June 24, 2010

Tour Decided!!

[ this picture ]

It's been a while~. Tour is decided!
After about 8 months after monoral one man live, so without fail please come to play. I want to hurry and let you hear the new song. We're in the middle of high-praised recording**. Look forward to it!
Yesterday was RENT press release,  therefore thank you to those who have come to support~. A while ago we as monoral were let to play 2 songs unplugged*. ali was flipping guitar! Akirassu also participated, and in the end everybody was dancing on stage! of course ali and akirassu also participated. It was really a fun day-!
This year, summer are you supporting monoral together?
the picture is our manager's only masterpiece~. (laugh)

much love anis

** i'm lost... did i misunderstand his words again?
* kill me, i'm a bit MTV biased, so unplugged instead of acoustic. =P
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I'm always late in translating MONORAL blog.
Ever since they went "missing" for their respective solo projects, I lost interest in them.
Not because I don't like them anymore, but because it's frustrating.
Their solo materials are for live only...!!
With Anis playing in BELT (which has no records at all), acoustic lives, and the musical..!!
With Ali playing radio DJ ... and definitely not available outside Japan. TT.TT

I know Ali said that they're currently working on new materials... but...
They're the kind of real artists and not your typical Japanese entertainer...
if they can be considered Japanese at all... ^^;;;


OK... on to the what Anis said about RENT - no day but today -


Is everyone healthy? Is there anyone surprised, I am to appear in a musical called RENT. Just as first sexual experience*, but it's really fun. Off course I'm nervous, there's a lot of expectations. The first time I watched a musical in NY, it was really, really overwhelming. After the show was over, the applause was really loud.
For the rooting messages, I really thank you.

much love anis

* I think he "mistyped" again here? a little off the hook, isn't he?

... I'm a little excited about this, because the show starts on my birthday...!! ok, early birthday wish... can I get a ticket there?

for more about RENT! click here or click to this Wikipedia link.

Anis will play Roger Davis.

Roger Davis, A once successful, but now, struggling musician who is HIV positive and an "ex-junkie." He hopes to write one last meaningful song before he dies. He is having a hard time coping with the fact that he, along with many others around him, know that they are going to die. His girlfriend April killed herself after finding out they had HIV. He is roommates with Mark. Tenor
(wikipedia - in case you're too lazy to read the whole wiki link i provided)
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translation from this Anis' blog entry.

[insert ol' Beatles' picture here]


How are everyone?
It's been quite a while. Somehow we managed to do the accoustic live, uzu uzu shiteimasu*. We did a lot of new songs, and the pictures are great. As the live coming to close, I thought that live is great and there's no way I would retire. Thank you for always having fun with us. By the way, Tokyo Omikuji Live is is definite, Osaka Omikuji Live is currently in preparation and steadily advancing. If there's a happening, please come bringin wet tissue. Yesterday was BELT's practice, it seems we had too much laughter. We saw teenage pictures of Kazuo-chan and Akirassu and we were rolling with laughter. Of course I think my old picture is also interesting, but over the sky there's another sky! Certainly, later there will be a day to show you those pictures.

Be good, much love anis

* I'm leaving it as it is. I need a better reference for Japanese onomatopoeia. and darnit ... my japanese course would not start until May 11.

.... i miss MONORAL ... but i don't want them to hurry with their new materials ...
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MONORAL's latest iTune single was released last month, and since we can't buy it in our country, i'm quite satisfied when i finally got a download link from somewhere. yes, i know it's illegal, but i do hope the band (and the management) will forgive me, because i prefer buying CD to digital file. if this were released in CD, then i will definitely buy it, because i love the song.

niken, my fellow in adoring this band, said that this song reminds her of Smashing Pumpkins (and i kinda agree), while i myself thought of MONORAL's Costarica and VAMPS Times Go By. the similarity gives the feeling of familiarity. it's easy to fall in love with this song, with Anis' voice and Ali's bass (which i think becomes more playful and pretty).

we haven't found official lyrics yet. so we (that's niken and i) decided to get our own rendition of the lyrics, just to sing along with. it could be partially wrong. english is not our mother tongue, and our brain sometimes dictates what we want to hear.

input, corrections are welcome. if you find the official lyrics to this song, please guide me there, and i will edit this entry accordingly.

with out further boring chit chat from me, here's our rendition of 70HOURS.


70 hours from here to where you're from
show me your castle
i'll breathe and save the frown
i don't need that much if
maybe we were lost
70 hours for me to carry on
and define my love for you

all we have is all we have
you filled my head with words
and then
cast away from here

all we have is all we have
you'd fill my head with words
and then
cast away from here

70 hours before you place your trust
just 70 hours to wash away your doubt
we don't have the time for sharing all our past
70 hours for me to carry on
so define your love for me

all we have is all we have
you'd fill my head with words
and then
cast away from here

all we have is all we have
you'd tear my head with words
and then
cast away from me

feel the sun with you
everything so wonderful
take me for a ride
everything so wonderful
meet my fate with God
everything so wonderful
let me fall for you
everything so wonderful

oh so wonderful

let's cast away from here

all we have is all we have
you fill my head with words
and then
cast away from here

all we have is all we have
you'd tear my head with words
and then we
cast away from here

all we have is all we have
you fill my head with words
and then
cast away from here

all we have is all we have
you'd tear my head with words
and then we
cast away from here

70 hours from me to where you're from
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i was browsing like a lost child in the web world when i found out this:

Cast (13)
DJ DJ アリ森泉 MORIIZUMI Ali 1-13 1-13

this is from the staff list of Serial Experimental Lain, a very famous psychological anime back in early 2000's.

Seriously ... Can I die now?

Morizumi Ali casted in a very famous anime and I didn't know.
Now I need to fetch that anime and watch it, just to check the credit.

*runs to get the anime*
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new feature on MONORAL blog...!! now they feed the news too so i don't have to go back and forth between the official homepage and the blog. yay for anis and ali!! i love them so much...!!

[70 HOURS] to be released on November 25, 2009 ... most probable on iTunes Japan...


昨年リリースした3rd Full Album「Via」から約一年の沈黙を破り、
配信限定Single「70 HOURS」のリリースが決定!!



breaking the 1 year silence after releasing their 3rd full album Via,
they decided to release the limites single [70HOURS] !!
MONORAL's charm can be felt everywhere in this production, be it power, as well as being melodious.

Fans are to expect the release on November 25th.


as of me? i will expect illegal downloads before i can get my hand on their album later....
i only collect their CD's ... perhaps nothing else until i get myself to japan ... one day ...

i also finally got my hands on Yen Town...
the movie by Shunji Iwai where Ali appeared as a bassist ...
haven't watched it yet...
but I have watched 2 Iwai's movies ... and I love them so much.

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the one i mentioned yesterday... Anis' bbs translation atempt.

here you go...!! )
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i found this at anis' BBS....

次のBeltはfar awayだよん!
新曲も7月からWho We Are→Crashing Inと来て次はMedia Motor Bulletです。


much love anis

And look at the bold line... I'm not dreaming that he's writing about an upcoming single ... errr... created by leader (tomoo yashuda of TOBYAS, Farida's Cafe)?? I haven't properly translate this... tomorrow maybe, I'll post the better translation....

i read somewhere from the net, that Belt actually wants to "release" a song for each month. maybe they're actually talking about this.

i wonder what kind of music Belt plays. i mean, this band has been around for a while now, and no fan records or whatsoever floating on the internet. i'm so dying to go japan to see Belt live (and also Anis' acoustic live with Akira).

Ah, and on personal life : I've got my letter of acceptance in paper, and tomorrow i'm heading to the embassy again.

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I've made the translation of the bbs post I told you about yesterday. It's so Anis - Akira friendship ^____^ I love them together and am having a craving of seeing them doing acoustic live together.

And if Anis-san, or MONORAL, or anyone from the management disagrees in my attempt of translating, please don't sue, please don't report, simply leave a message and ask me to delete these entries (as well as those I post at the KIRI-MIST blog). I will submit and delete them for you. ^____^ I'm just a harmless fan trying to keep up with you.

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Here it goes, a more-or-less my graps of what Ali-san wrote in MONORAL blog, by special request of Niken (and yes, as long as she wants it and providing that I have spare time, I will continue translating MONORAL blog entry and maybe Anis’ entry from his BBS later). I’m not sure, if it’s OK translating MONORAL’s blog. But if maybe, someone from the management or the band itself doesn’t like to see my translation (because this is crappy and they can speak English fluently), I’d be more that grateful if they tell me so and I will turn this down. MONORAL’s wish is my command. Hahahaha…!!

what ali said... )

Happy ANISversALI to MONORAL ~ ♥♫

Long live!! Stay cool!! And I hope that we will see each other soon in one of your gigs!!

Pour anis

Mar. 17th, 2008 12:32 pm
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My French teacher told us to write a poem for the class...

... it's for anis shimada of monoral... the teacher told to write for/about someone that we love/adore, so.. since i have no one real to write to... i just write for Anis, for giving wonderful times with his singing...

i hope if he happened to browse around and bumped into this site, he'd read this poem. ^____^

Thank you so much, Anis-san.


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