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I read the magazine in the library (yes, my university's library has MORE magazine since last July). I thought I'll try practising my Japanese-English translating again after so long.

A note before you start reading, this is a work of an amateur whose first language is neither English nor Japanese. I'm trying to preserve Nino's speaking nuance which I often hear when he's being interviewed, but misinterpretation might be made. Unbetaed and was typed on iphone >.<

Feel free to correct me if you disagree with my translation.

It #73 Default

The time has changed, even with many experience piled with good evaluation, one thing that made him never change is the hidden wholeheartedness that he has. This is his way from before and from now on.

It was one of the days, two weeks after he came back from Arashi's live in Hawaii. In between the interview, Nino was enjoying his game as usual.
[When I was in Hawaii, I did not even take a step outside, I was always playing games. Because it was the time when I have drama shooting, you know I cannot get suntanned. Really, I went there only for live (laugh)]
I remember Nino's answer when he was asked what is "concert for Arashi" during the live.It was [We are normal boys, but if a certain condition is fulfilled, we become deified group], and the condition was concert.
[In other words, our default is "normal people". Maybe we never experience bubble*. You think it's plain?! Even so I think, in the the moment concert or drama takes place, the sudden change is interesting.]

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I like to notice what kind of suffix someone uses to call others. I find it interesting how Nino calls Matsujun with Jun-kun while calling Sakurai-san with Sho-chan. I'm trying to not read too much into this, but I just can't help it. ^____^

Thank you for reading.
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I have never considered myself as a loyal fan of anyone. I change mood all the time and my ideal life soundtrack changes along with it. At times I would listen to metal bands from Germany or Brazil, at other times rock songs from Japan, at others sweet pop songs that makes you bubbly, at other times ... random music from names you might never heard before, just because they are not (longer) big names.

Today I would like to say my thanks to one of my favorite musician, Valensia. This year is his 20 years or music, a new album after, say, 10 years (if you don't count his other project in 2005), and also the year he announced his retirement. For this wonderful 20 years (in which I tasted only between 1999-2014), I would like to say my gratitude for those interesting melodies that he has created.

Today I went to Tower Records, although knowing that they have not put Tower+ yet. I just went straight to metal section of the store and was really surprised to see Valensia VI (which I find cute, because this is the 11th album under the name Valensia - if you count 2 mini albums, 1 best album, and a cover album too). It has been 10 years since the previous Valensia's release. I am very patient with my favorite musicians, because I like them to write at their own pace. I was frozen for a moment, because I had no idea at all about this release. I went to his homepage a few months? weeks? back and it was empty, like what it had been for a long, long time. Maybe I am not really a fan, because I don't check it all the time (after 10 years? of course you'd reduce your frequency at one point).

Bought it. Then checked the page. I read of his retirement.

I was not surprised. My life will go on. And I have all his CD's to listen when I miss his music.

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Other albums, I bought myself. I used my bonus to buy an album. And then more as I moved here to Japan. Found them here in there, second hand shop, buying a gift for myself from online shop ... And one album - Non-Plugged, I received from my BF (then was not BF yet). He sent the CD - able to locate which album I haven't got from the list of songs I told him about *insert a lot of pink bubbles of hearts here*. I found it at my door as I arrived from my travel in South America last year ... and then, AGLAEA. I found it today, a day after I turned 34, in the year when Valensia is 43 (it's a cute coincidence - I just noticed).

Thank you, Valensia, for providing very beautiful music and all these life experiences I received just from hunting your albums.

Your music stays forever ... and maybe one day a child of my children might try playing it in an orchestra.

PS: this is a personal post, yet I decided to open it for public ... because it's an open letter of gratitude for Valensia.
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After years of living in Japan and trying to get Acid Black Cherry's ticket and failed all the time, last year [livejournal.com profile] mt10lt20 (from here on I will call her Jo) and I decided to join the fan club to gain better access for tickets. This year it pays off really well. This live was our first Acid Black Cherry concert and our seat was on the first row in arena, Hiro's and Shuse's side (if AKIHIDE was still playing there, it would be his side - sorry I can't help saying this, because you know how I love AKIHIDE).

We kind of rushed to Yoyogi, because we had our weekly seminar (and the same reason why we decided to give up on going to ABC's live in Osaka despite having quite good ticket too), and it's quite far to go from Kashiwa where our campus is to Yoyogi - literally crossing almost the whole Tokyo. We got there as when the door was already opened and looking at the line for goods, we gave up our idea to get the t-shirt and just went into the arena. We have read that we get the first row, but we could not believe it was true even as we reached our place.
My ticket ^______^

I have to admit that when they finally came on stage, my attention was all to Hiro and Shuse, after all, I cannot lie that I was a quite big La'cryma Christi fan back in 2005-2007 (just because I stranded into their page while looking for the Brazilian goth metal bad called Lacryma Christi. La'Cryma Christi also took me back into Japanese music scene after I refused listening to them for very personal reason). Hiro's songs are my favorite among La'Cryma songs (Lhasa stays all time favorite for me), and Shuse was once my no. 2fave Japanese bassist (second to Tetchan) before IKUO and Sato Masatoshi came to my life. And then most of the time, Junji's drum stole my attention away - cannot help that because all the musical instruments I play are drums and percussion.

I don't remember the set list. I was too dazed to remember them. So I'll just write about the MC part before I forget it. It starts to get fuzzy.

Please remember also that I am not a native Japanese speaker, so I might have understood them wrong.

First MC Part )

Second MC Part )

Encore )
Despite being at the first row, and YUKI, Shuse, and Yasu throw stuffs at my direction, the fans on our left and right were always faster. In the end YASU was throwing his t-shirt right in front of me, but it fell inside the guard area and the staff somehow handed it to other people TT_TT But I felt happy anyway because it's really my best seat ever!!
photo (1)
The flowers for Acid Black Cherry. It was very crowded so I took picture while passing by.

I'm looking forward for the final live next Sunday. Our seat will be further away, but it will be near the VIP seats. ^______^ I wonder who would also come to see Acid Black Cherry then.

Now off to bed. It's almost 4:30 and the sky is already bright. 
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anis posted his hand pic
and asked if anyone can read it.

this hand has very complicated set of lines.
there are a lot that i cannot read.
but of course, i'm still learning.

anis lives his life to the fullest.
see that line crossing from between his thumb and index finger to his wrist?
it's so deep and strong and vivid.
and he hardly ever regrets what he has done in life.

then... the love line... the upper most of the horizontal lines.
his love life is difficult and complicated.
even if he ends up with someone (aka married or so)
there might be a big possibility
that the one he will be married to is not the one he love the most.
he will stay loving that other person even after years after.

luck is good. but only on his career.
i don't see the money line and the little things of happiness line.
he'll have a lot more with his career in the future.

too bad i can't see how many people he hold dearest in his life.
it should be seen from the side of the palm, but the picture is cropped.

a little ero in the head... i'm not surprised though.

there's a star underneath his ring finger
and i wonder what that means.

it seems like there's double head lines... but i'm not sure.

and is that a scar on his ring finger?
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Happy birthday to AKIHIDE!!
I don't know how to express my birthday wish to him
because somehow I don't know how to write more than a simple


so I decided to translate all his birthday entries from his blog.
This might be a weird way of celebrating it.
But well, I think that's what fans do.

Please note that I'm not a native in either of the languages,
so mistakes could be made while understanding and translating these posts.

So here it goes...

++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ +++

2009 )

++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ +++

2008 )

++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ +++

2007 )

++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ +++

2006 )

++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ +++

2005 )

++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ +++

2004 )

++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ +++

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todays menu : Ninomiya [二宮]

i remember my sister mentioned about the meaning of the family name Ninomiya of Ninomiya Kazunari of 嵐. so while searching for for its roots, i came accross Ninomiya Sontoku (二宮 尊徳), born Ninomiya Kinjirō (二宮 金次郎, 1787-1856), was a prominent 19th century Japanese agricultural leader, philosopher, moralist and economist.

want to know more about this Ninomiya Sontoku? )

It is interesting how Ninomiya Kazunari is always depicted as a cheapskate and saving his money. Although it is in no way similar to the praised hero in anyway, I can't help but thinking, "Maybe Nino realized that the life of stardom is only short-lived. That's why he's saving it up to work on his own business later."

just my thought.
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in the making of arashi's my girl pv, ohno called other arashi members like this :

ninomiya kazunari - nino
sakurai sho - sho-chan
aiba masaki - aiba-chan
matsumoto jun - matsumoto-san

makes me think of ohno's closeness and distance towards them. it's kind of funny that as the oldest member, ohno called matsujun, who is the youngest, as matsumoto-san; that is family name and diligently added -san behind it. it's like making himself much much lower than the boy. since it's Ohno, i believe it's sincerely added. does that mean ohno respect matsujun so much? or is it because of the aloof image that jun has?
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MONORAL's latest iTune single was released last month, and since we can't buy it in our country, i'm quite satisfied when i finally got a download link from somewhere. yes, i know it's illegal, but i do hope the band (and the management) will forgive me, because i prefer buying CD to digital file. if this were released in CD, then i will definitely buy it, because i love the song.

niken, my fellow in adoring this band, said that this song reminds her of Smashing Pumpkins (and i kinda agree), while i myself thought of MONORAL's Costarica and VAMPS Times Go By. the similarity gives the feeling of familiarity. it's easy to fall in love with this song, with Anis' voice and Ali's bass (which i think becomes more playful and pretty).

we haven't found official lyrics yet. so we (that's niken and i) decided to get our own rendition of the lyrics, just to sing along with. it could be partially wrong. english is not our mother tongue, and our brain sometimes dictates what we want to hear.

input, corrections are welcome. if you find the official lyrics to this song, please guide me there, and i will edit this entry accordingly.

with out further boring chit chat from me, here's our rendition of 70HOURS.


70 hours from here to where you're from
show me your castle
i'll breathe and save the frown
i don't need that much if
maybe we were lost
70 hours for me to carry on
and define my love for you

all we have is all we have
you filled my head with words
and then
cast away from here

all we have is all we have
you'd fill my head with words
and then
cast away from here

70 hours before you place your trust
just 70 hours to wash away your doubt
we don't have the time for sharing all our past
70 hours for me to carry on
so define your love for me

all we have is all we have
you'd fill my head with words
and then
cast away from here

all we have is all we have
you'd tear my head with words
and then
cast away from me

feel the sun with you
everything so wonderful
take me for a ride
everything so wonderful
meet my fate with God
everything so wonderful
let me fall for you
everything so wonderful

oh so wonderful

let's cast away from here

all we have is all we have
you fill my head with words
and then
cast away from here

all we have is all we have
you'd tear my head with words
and then we
cast away from here

all we have is all we have
you fill my head with words
and then
cast away from here

all we have is all we have
you'd tear my head with words
and then we
cast away from here

70 hours from me to where you're from
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i was browsing like a lost child in the web world when i found out this:

Cast (13)
DJ DJ アリ森泉 MORIIZUMI Ali 1-13 1-13

this is from the staff list of Serial Experimental Lain, a very famous psychological anime back in early 2000's.

Seriously ... Can I die now?

Morizumi Ali casted in a very famous anime and I didn't know.
Now I need to fetch that anime and watch it, just to check the credit.

*runs to get the anime*
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new feature on MONORAL blog...!! now they feed the news too so i don't have to go back and forth between the official homepage and the blog. yay for anis and ali!! i love them so much...!!

[70 HOURS] to be released on November 25, 2009 ... most probable on iTunes Japan...


昨年リリースした3rd Full Album「Via」から約一年の沈黙を破り、
配信限定Single「70 HOURS」のリリースが決定!!



breaking the 1 year silence after releasing their 3rd full album Via,
they decided to release the limites single [70HOURS] !!
MONORAL's charm can be felt everywhere in this production, be it power, as well as being melodious.

Fans are to expect the release on November 25th.


as of me? i will expect illegal downloads before i can get my hand on their album later....
i only collect their CD's ... perhaps nothing else until i get myself to japan ... one day ...

i also finally got my hands on Yen Town...
the movie by Shunji Iwai where Ali appeared as a bassist ...
haven't watched it yet...
but I have watched 2 Iwai's movies ... and I love them so much.


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