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I'm smiling for finishing this, but sad that we have to say goodbye to this series. It was so sudden. And as I was starting to take notes of the kanji and words that are unfamiliar to me from this article, that news of termination was dropped. Anyway, I kind of understand that decision.

But it was so weird... this is MSA#13, it's about Life and Death, the April edition (April is 四月 in Japanese - which -four and -death can be read as shi), … the last MSA? Maybe it's just coincidence?

I'm no professional/sworn translator, so I might have made mistakes, and there are some parts that I translate rather freely to my own interpertation or rearrange the words around. If you think I make mistakes or have better option, feel free to comment or PM me and we can discuss it.

生と死 - Life and Death



In the world, when we're talking about accepting life, there are many happy things, sad things, fun things , and bitter things that we experience, while living and and approaching death, how does AKIHIDEsan perceive life and death?
Nagano-ken / Hirogata Hiroko




「When I was a child, I wonder if I ever thought of my own death. While I was enjoying my youth, I was filled by expectations such as “what will come up after this”, but as I got older, it becomes a substraction of thought of “to what extend will I be able to accomplish?”

特に身近な人の死は、 自分の死生観に影響お与えるんですよ。奇しくも父親の7回忌を終えばかりですが死も含めての生は、父親の死後、考えるようになりましたから。正直、僕の場 合は、あまり家に父親がいなかったので、それまで身近に感じていなかったぶん、それほど父親を大切に思えていなかったところがあるんですけど…いざ亡くしてみたら、自分でも驚くほど、心を削られる感覚があったんですよね。

Especially, my view of life and death is influenced by the death of someone close. Strangely, just as my father's 7th anniversary of death was over, after his death, his death included with his life, came into my mind. To tell the truth, in my case, because my father was hardly ever home, I didn't feel that close to him, such as there are also times when I didn't hold him dear ... however, if now I lost him, rather that being surprised, there should be hurt feeling in the heart.

その削れた心をどうにか修復しようとして生まれたのが、曲だったり、詞だったりして。実際、父親を亡くした当時の詞や曲には、死生観が色濃く反映されているんですけど、そういうとき に作ったものを今は作れないし、そのときの痛みだけが訴えかける力がある。もちろん、身近の人の死は、辛くて哀しいことではあるし、ひとつの終わりではあるけど、そこ新しく生まれるものに、自分自身が救われたりもしますから。時には死を意識したり、思ったりすることで、生が輝くと思うんです。

In order to mend the heart that has been hurt, songs, lyrics, and other things were born. Actually, the songs, lyrics, and those things from around the time my father died, has strong reflection of my view of life and death, and something like what I created during that time, now I cannot create anymore, as only the hurt from that time has the strength to bring it up. Certainly, the death of someone close is  something bitter and sad, it's an ending, but the things that were born from then on, are things with which you can help yourself. At times, with the consciousness of death and thoughts of it, life becomes brighter.

死んだ後に生まれ変わるという輪廻の思想は日本人にはわりと根付いている思うし、僕自身、どこかで信じているんですよ。最近、テレビで見たんですけど、子供 は親を選べないって言いますけど、まだ胎児の記憶の残ってる子供に聞くと、実は親を選んで生まれてきてるらしいんですよ。例えば”お母さんが寂しそうにしてるから、彼女の元に行こうって決めた”とか…。そう考えると、死んでも魂は消えてないんだろうなって。それに、実は自分が選んだって思えば、反抗期だっ たり、家族との関係に苦しんでいたくても、違った考え方が出来るんじゃないかなとも思うし.

The thought of samsara, the cycle of being reborn after death, is something that completely roots in Japanese people, that's why I personally believe in it to some degree. Lately, I saw in the TV, that it is said that a child cannot chose their parents, yet I heard that the recollections of the fetus remains in the children, and that actually it seems like the parents are the ones who are given the way to chose the children to be born. For example, "mother was so lonely, it's decided to go based her condition", or something like that.... Thinking that way, even if you're dead, the soul will not disappear. Moreover, actually, if I were to chose, during such times as my rebelious stage, although the relationship with my family was hard, I wonder if a different way of thinking could come up.

昔 は”生きることとはどういうことなのか”ということに繋がっていって、…。でも、それって誰も分からないことじゃないですか。だったら、”なぜ生まれたか”よりも”どう生きるか”を考えたほうがいいのかなと思うんです。子孫を遺したとしてもそうでなかったとしても、人間という種の命を繋ぐ大きな流れの中 では、どの命も無駄ではないと思うんです。

In the past, I used to relate to such thing as "what is the meaning of to live?" .... However, nobody understands that kind of thing, isn't it? Therefore, compared to "why I was born" I think it's better to concern more of "how I am going to live". It's not about how you're going to leave behind descendants, but rather as the seeds of mortality called human, who are connected to a in big stream, and whichever mortal life it is, I suppose there is no such thing as pointless mortal life.

だ から、今回のイラストでは、僕たちは大きな木に宿ったひとつの実である、ということを描きたくて。羽が生えて羽ばたく人もいる一方で、羽が折れて下に落ち てしまう人もいるかもしれないけど、それらすべてを含めて、命という大きな木のエネルギーとなって、延々と巡っているんじゃないかなと。意味のない命、意 味のない人生なんてきってとなくて、ひとつの大きな命のために、僕らは産まれて、生きていくんだと思います。

Therefore, the illustration for this time, I'm drawing the actualization that we are dwelling in one tree. While there are those who grow wings and able to fly, there might also be people whose wings were broken and fall down, all of those are combined, and becomes the energy of the big tree called mortality, which I think as an endless cycle. As there is no meaningless mortal life, there's no life that becomes meaningless, and for that grand mortal life, we are born, and going to live.

そうやって生きていく上で、必要な糧と聞かれば、僕の場合はやっぱり”音楽”。そしてその音楽は、僕にとって、は1人で楽しむものではなく、聴いてくださる 方がいてこそのもので。みんなと作るライヴだったり、みんなが曲を聴いて大切にしてくれた気持ちだったりが、生きていく力になっているんです。だから、できれば最期を迎えるその間際まで、音楽を続けていたいし、ライヴをしていたいですね。特にライヴはLIVEという英語の意味そのままに”自分が生きる場所”ということ実感できますから。僕にとってそうであるように、BREAKERZの音楽が、ライヴが、1人でも多くの方の”生の一部”になれたら、嬉しい 限りです。

On top of doing that while living, if you ask me what is the important food, as of me, it's definitely "music". And then that music, as of for me, doing music for myself is not fun, but rather having people who give a listen to it. For example the live that we all create, the feeling of having everyone giving the songs a listen and caring for them, they become the strength to live. Therefore, if it's possible, up to the point when I welcome the end, I want to continue music and do live. Especially because live has the meaning of LIVE in English, and because it has the feeling of “the condition of living” as it is. I feel that it is so, BREAKERZ's music, the lives, even if I'm alone, if I become “a part of life” of a lot of people, I'm happy as I can be.」



In this writing, I translate 命 (inochi) as mortal life (as opposed of being immortal), and in my point of view, I take that meaning as one of the mortal lives (between 2 deaths) in the samsara cycle as mentioned in the article. In other part 生 (sei) is life as in the condition of living or being alive. I'm not a Buddhist, and I have very limited understanding of this concept. AKIHIDE uses another word 人生 (jinsei), that if you translate kanji per kanji would mean "human life" but I translate it as life as well, although there is another meaning of jinsei, which is "existence".

On the last paragraph, live is meant live concert. I wonder if it will create misunderstanding, but I think most people would get the message across. Also on the last paragraph, 自分が生きる場所 is actually translated word per word as “the place where one lives”, but it doesn't make sense to me, thus I changed it into “the condition of living”.




Date: 2011-04-06 10:25 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] noi-himura.livejournal.com
"doing music for myself is not fun. BREAKERZ's music, the lives, even if I'm alone, if I become “a part of life” of a lot of people, I'm happy as I can be"

well you are part of me now Akihide ....

btw darkie, kek mana ya caranya bir=yar isa bikin komi jadi italic?

Date: 2011-04-07 02:33 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] raatkerani.livejournal.com
simple html tag ... dibikin seperti ini:
< i > text < /i >
hilangkan spasi di antara < dan > ^____^

Date: 2011-04-06 11:48 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] gingerhaze.livejournal.com
His tone of writing is incredible!
It's a such pleasure to read him.
Thanks 4 trans-n, darling! m(_ _)m

Date: 2011-04-07 02:34 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] raatkerani.livejournal.com
you're welcome. and thanks for reading ^^


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