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Amazarashi just put this new heartrendring new PV in his youtube account to promote his upcoming release of acoustic album. I was talking with another friend who likes this group too, and she pushed me to translating this for real.

I haven't seen any official translation yet, so no place to compare for now. But seeing that it's Amazarashi, there might be official translation soon.

Enjoy ^__________^


歌: amazarashi  作詞:秋田ひろむ 作曲:秋田ひろむ

木造アパートの一階で 彼は夢中で絵を描いていた 描きたかったのは自分の事 自分を取り巻く世界のこと
小さな頃から絵が好きだった 理由は皆が褒めてくれるから でも今じゃ褒めてくれるのは 一緒に暮らしている彼女だけ
でも彼はそれで幸せだった すれ違いの毎日だけど 彼女はいつもの置手紙 桜模様の便箋が愛しい
気づいたら夜が明けていた 気づいたら日が暮れていた 気づいたら冬が終わってた その日初めて絵が売れた

In a wooden apartment, first floor  he is in trance,  painting  What he wanted to paint is about himself  World that surrounds him
Ever since he was small, he liked to draw  The reason was because everyone praised him   But the one praising now, is the girlfriend who lives together with him
But for him it was happiness  They always miss each other   But what is precious for him, is the letter she always left behind, written on stationary with sakura patters
When he realized, night has turned to dawn  When he realized, dusk has come   When he realized, winter was over   That day for the first time he sold his painting

状況はすでに変わり始めてた 次の月には彼の絵は全て売れた
変わってくのは いつも風景
誰もが彼の絵を称えてくれた 彼女は嬉しそうに彼にこう言った
「信じてた事 正しかった」

Circumstances started to change   The next month, all his paintings were sold
What started to change was the usual scenery
Everyone praised his paintings  His girlfriend told him with delight
"It's been right to believe in you."

絵を買ってくれた人達から 時々感謝の手紙を貰った 感謝される覚えもないが 嫌な気がするわけもない
小さな部屋に少しずつ増える 宝物が彼は嬉しかった いつまでもこんな状況が 続いてくれたらいいと思った
彼はますます絵が好きになった もっと素晴らしい絵を描きたい 描きたいのは自分の事 もっと深い本当の事
最高傑作が出来た 彼女も素敵ねと笑った 誰もが目をそむける様な 人のあさましい本性の絵

Sometimes he received thank you letters from those who bought his paintings  While he sometimes forgot that he was thanked, there was no reason to feel unpleasant about it
In that room, things that start to pile up   are the prizes that he received and he was happy   It would be good if this situation continues, it's what he had in mind
He start to love paintings more and more   He wants to paint more magnificent paintings  What he wants to paint is his own affairs  Deeper and real affairs
His best paintings was finished  His girlfriend said, "It's beautiful" and laughed   Everyone avert their eyes from the painting   from that painting that shows people's miserable true characters

誰もが彼の絵に眉をひそめた まるで潮が引くように人々は去った
変わってくのは いつも風景
人々は彼を無能だと嘲る 喧嘩が増えた二人もやがて別れた
信じてた事 間違ってたかな

Everybody gives disaproval to his painting   Like a low tide, people are withdrawing
What started to change was the usual scenery
People laughs for his incompetencies  Quarrels increased and the lovers separated in the end
It was wrong to believe

木造アパートの一階で 彼は今でも絵を描いている 描きたかったのは自分の事 結局空っぽな僕の事
小さな頃から絵が好きだった 理由は今じゃもう分からないよ 褒めてくれる人はもう居ない

In a wooden apartment, first floor   Even now, he stil paints   What he wanted to paint was his own affairs   His self that is eventually empty
Eversince he was small, he liked to draw   The reason, he doesn't even understand anymore  There is no one to praise him anymore
The piling paintings, none of them are titled anymore

気付けばどれくらい月日が過ぎたろう その日久々に一枚の絵が売れた
変わってくのは いつも風景
その買主から手紙が届いた 桜模様の便箋にただ一言
「信じてた事 正しかった」

When he realized it has already been months  Days has passed  That day, after a long time, one painting was sold
What started to change was the usual scenery
From the purchaser came a letter  It was one sentence on a stationary with sakura pattern
"It's been right to believe in you."


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