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After years of living in Japan and trying to get Acid Black Cherry's ticket and failed all the time, last year [livejournal.com profile] mt10lt20 (from here on I will call her Jo) and I decided to join the fan club to gain better access for tickets. This year it pays off really well. This live was our first Acid Black Cherry concert and our seat was on the first row in arena, Hiro's and Shuse's side (if AKIHIDE was still playing there, it would be his side - sorry I can't help saying this, because you know how I love AKIHIDE).

We kind of rushed to Yoyogi, because we had our weekly seminar (and the same reason why we decided to give up on going to ABC's live in Osaka despite having quite good ticket too), and it's quite far to go from Kashiwa where our campus is to Yoyogi - literally crossing almost the whole Tokyo. We got there as when the door was already opened and looking at the line for goods, we gave up our idea to get the t-shirt and just went into the arena. We have read that we get the first row, but we could not believe it was true even as we reached our place.
My ticket ^______^

I have to admit that when they finally came on stage, my attention was all to Hiro and Shuse, after all, I cannot lie that I was a quite big La'cryma Christi fan back in 2005-2007 (just because I stranded into their page while looking for the Brazilian goth metal bad called Lacryma Christi. La'Cryma Christi also took me back into Japanese music scene after I refused listening to them for very personal reason). Hiro's songs are my favorite among La'Cryma songs (Lhasa stays all time favorite for me), and Shuse was once my no. 2fave Japanese bassist (second to Tetchan) before IKUO and Sato Masatoshi came to my life. And then most of the time, Junji's drum stole my attention away - cannot help that because all the musical instruments I play are drums and percussion.

I don't remember the set list. I was too dazed to remember them. So I'll just write about the MC part before I forget it. It starts to get fuzzy.

Please remember also that I am not a native Japanese speaker, so I might have understood them wrong.

First MC
As they got into MC, Yasu brought up the message and questions from fans that they received. Some talks about nipple was brought up, I don't really remember the actual content rather than Shuse playing boke for Yasu's tsukomi. The first question that was almost chosen to be discussed was about "are you the licking type or licked type" ... YUKI was the only one who kind of replied because Yasu asked him to answer. YUKI was like, "both are fine" ... when Yasu was going to another question, a fan asked, "How about Hiro?" and since a lot of people in the audience started to scream the same, Hiro obliged to answer that he's also fine with both.

Yasu then asked the second question, "what was the first gift you have ever given to your girlfriend?"
He then said that the band members will answer the first gift that they have ever given to someone else,but not necessarily their girlfriend. All the audience protested, and Yasu said, "What if it's for a friend? It can be not for a girlfriend. What if it is for a boyfriend?" and all the audience laughed. Trust Yasu to blurt these kinds of notions.

First Yasu looked at Junji, but then Junji said, "I'll say the last, because the story is too amusing." so the victim became Hiro. He said that when he was around 19 and he was still in Osaka, he dated a girl who also liked X. He said that they went to lives together too. Then his gift for that girl was all videos from X.

Then it was YUKI's turn. YUKI said, "I was 16 and I was dating this strong minded girl. And she asked me to buy her something." ... so he bought her a ring, and because he was young and all young men try hard to please, he bought "a ring. It's quite a good one, with platinum and diamond on it" and all the audiences went, "Fuuuuuuuuu~!!"  and Yasu started making fun of YUKI. YUKI said that when he wanted to break up with her, she did not let him.

Shuse got the next turn. He said that it was not a girlfriend, but just a friend... and everyone went "Heeee?" in disappointment. Yasu was asking, "but you like her, right?" but Shuse insisted, "We were just friends."  ... Shuse's gift was earrings in the sahe of black cat. Some girls said, "kawaii!!" and Shuse answered, "it's really cute, you know?" and then Yasu implied a comparison to YUKI's gif, and Shuse said that when giving a gift, it's all the feeling that counts. But then he said about asking the girl to buy him something in return (I don't remember what exactly, but it's more expensive than the earrings, I'd say) and Yasu did tsukomi on Shuse and they bantered about it. In one point, I think Shuse asked Yasu about buying a house or something. I might be wrong, they were bantering in Osaka dialect. I'm really not good at it.

Junji came with his answer next. I don't remember when his story was, I guess it was school time, junior or senior high school. He gave a box to his then girlfriend, and said, "please open this at home later before you go to bed." and he insisted on it, even though the girl wanted to open it when Junji was around. He then explained that "inside the box, I wrote a letter with only a sentence, 'I'm giving you something that is the most precious for me' and under that letter, I put a handheld mirror."  ... There was a moment of silence then Junji explained that he meant when the girl look at the mirror, she would see herself. Yasu was all "wow, you were so young, yet you have thought of that!" but when Yasu asked Junji how was the reaction of the girl and he said, "No reaction at all."

As Junji finished, some fans started demanding about Yasu's story. He said he once gave a song to a girl he liked. He said he bought 4-track recorder - the one that allows you to record one instrument at a time and then mix then together (oh yeah, the whole non-digital stories from Showa jidai people!!). Shuse was like, "You can't play music instrument anyway, what's the use of having a 4-track recorder?" (oh yeah!! Shuse tsukomi!!) and Yasu started to make excuse about that recorder, saying that it's to record demo and so on. This time Shuse (and Junji too?) was bullying Yasu saying that Yasu played the instrument part by singing and combined them. When Shuse asked how the girl reacted, Yasu said that he didn't want to say anything because he already made fun of Junji - meaning that the girl was also not giving positive reaction.

Second MC
The first part of the second MC was kind of fuzzy for me. Yasu looking through the print again and asked which should he read and someone started screaming for erotic theme. I think at this point someone was screaming asking the color of their underwear. So their Yasu found one among the World Cup talk in the list, something about frequency of having sex. Lol. Fans are have the most interesting questions. No one really give an answer. I don't even remember what Junji said during this part of talk. YUKI said something that I don't really remember. Shuse refused to answer. Hiro was saying that if there's a girl, he'd answer, but if not, then he would not (or was it, he would only do it if he had a girlfriend - I might be wrong). Someone asked for Yasu. Then Yasu said something about not doing it many times, but doing it with many girls and made his signature laugh. He then continued that if you're eating too much of good food, you'd feel sick of it and would not want to eat anymore; so it's better to have a very good meal once in a while.

The next part was I think a highlight of the whole MC part. Someone asked them to change instruments. At first they hesitated. Yasu said that if it's requested, he'd rather do it after he practiced. Hiro was making duck face/hi otoko face. But then they exchanged instruments. Yasu went for the drums. Junji took guitar - he plays guitar too. Hiro got the bass, and he was looking lost. Shuse took the guitar. YUKI was coaxed to be the vocalist. He sang a song that started with something like waking up and brushing his teeth, but I did not really listen the rest of the lyrics as I was too busy looking at them with in their new position. YUKI was flailing and jumping around while singing, Hiro looking lost with the bass, Yasu ... Yasu was playing simple beat, so I cannot really say anything. Only Junji and Shuse looked comfortable with their guitars. After the song ended, Yasu came to YUKI and said many times, "YUKI ganbatta, ne~!"

The next topic was about hair style when they were young.

Junji said that he has an older brother. Because his parents wanted a daughter, Junji's hair was long until he was 6th year (?) of elementary school. For him, having long hair was something of normality, because he always had long hair since he was little, but then his friends at school started calling him okama. At first he did not understand why they called him okama, but when he realized that his long hair was different with other boys in his school, he went and shaved off his head until bald. When he went home, his mother was so shocked and sad to see him with bald head. Yasu was like, "so you have made your mother cry since 6th grade elementary school?"

YUKI said that he was the only son with two older sisters. And when he was in elementary school (?) he tried his sister's hair mousse and made his hair into ... hairstyle that has puffy curl on top of the head. He was using his hand to show the style, "The one that has curl on this side," he explained as he curled his hand on the right side of his head.

I don't remember Hiro's answer. ^^;;;;

Shuse and Yasu had the same hair. Kappa hair. The one that has fringes that continues to the back of the head. Shuse said, "like Kariage-kun" but Yasu did not quite agree. He also said that he did not like that hair style the most - which then Shuse tsukomi-ed because (as a performer) he was not allowed to say that. Yasu insisted that it's better to be honest. Lol.

Junji added about his hair. He said that his head shape is not round, but the top part of his head is shaped a bit like triangle (like Ultraman). So after he shaved his head, his schoolmate started to make fun of him and calling him Ultraman. Lol Lol....!!

The Encore was interesting, because they chose 2 people to decide the encore songs from a menu. The first one was Bit Stupid. Apparently it had been months since they last played that song, but they would try anyway. On the first try, YUKI was looking very lost and looking around to the others, seeming to ask when he should start with the guitar intro. Everyone was laughing when they all gathered together to discuss about how to play that song. The second try succeeded ^______^ Otsukare, YUKI!!

The second encore chosen was Black Cherry. The next two songs were not decided by fans. I can only remember that the last song was Coming Century 20th Century Boys.

Despite being at the first row, and YUKI, Shuse, and Yasu throw stuffs at my direction, the fans on our left and right were always faster. In the end YASU was throwing his t-shirt right in front of me, but it fell inside the guard area and the staff somehow handed it to other people TT_TT But I felt happy anyway because it's really my best seat ever!!
photo (1)
The flowers for Acid Black Cherry. It was very crowded so I took picture while passing by.

I'm looking forward for the final live next Sunday. Our seat will be further away, but it will be near the VIP seats. ^______^ I wonder who would also come to see Acid Black Cherry then.

Now off to bed. It's almost 4:30 and the sky is already bright. 
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