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I have never considered myself as a loyal fan of anyone. I change mood all the time and my ideal life soundtrack changes along with it. At times I would listen to metal bands from Germany or Brazil, at other times rock songs from Japan, at others sweet pop songs that makes you bubbly, at other times ... random music from names you might never heard before, just because they are not (longer) big names.

Today I would like to say my thanks to one of my favorite musician, Valensia. This year is his 20 years or music, a new album after, say, 10 years (if you don't count his other project in 2005), and also the year he announced his retirement. For this wonderful 20 years (in which I tasted only between 1999-2014), I would like to say my gratitude for those interesting melodies that he has created.

Today I went to Tower Records, although knowing that they have not put Tower+ yet. I just went straight to metal section of the store and was really surprised to see Valensia VI (which I find cute, because this is the 11th album under the name Valensia - if you count 2 mini albums, 1 best album, and a cover album too). It has been 10 years since the previous Valensia's release. I am very patient with my favorite musicians, because I like them to write at their own pace. I was frozen for a moment, because I had no idea at all about this release. I went to his homepage a few months? weeks? back and it was empty, like what it had been for a long, long time. Maybe I am not really a fan, because I don't check it all the time (after 10 years? of course you'd reduce your frequency at one point).

Bought it. Then checked the page. I read of his retirement.

I was not surprised. My life will go on. And I have all his CD's to listen when I miss his music.

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Other albums, I bought myself. I used my bonus to buy an album. And then more as I moved here to Japan. Found them here in there, second hand shop, buying a gift for myself from online shop ... And one album - Non-Plugged, I received from my BF (then was not BF yet). He sent the CD - able to locate which album I haven't got from the list of songs I told him about *insert a lot of pink bubbles of hearts here*. I found it at my door as I arrived from my travel in South America last year ... and then, AGLAEA. I found it today, a day after I turned 34, in the year when Valensia is 43 (it's a cute coincidence - I just noticed).

Thank you, Valensia, for providing very beautiful music and all these life experiences I received just from hunting your albums.

Your music stays forever ... and maybe one day a child of my children might try playing it in an orchestra.

PS: this is a personal post, yet I decided to open it for public ... because it's an open letter of gratitude for Valensia.


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