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I'm smiling for finishing this, but sad that we have to say goodbye to this series. It was so sudden. And as I was starting to take notes of the kanji and words that are unfamiliar to me from this article, that news of termination was dropped. Anyway, I kind of understand that decision.

But it was so weird... this is MSA#13, it's about Life and Death, the April edition (April is 四月 in Japanese - which -four and -death can be read as shi), … the last MSA? Maybe it's just coincidence?

I'm no professional/sworn translator, so I might have made mistakes, and there are some parts that I translate rather freely to my own interpertation or rearrange the words around. If you think I make mistakes or have better option, feel free to comment or PM me and we can discuss it.

生と死 - Life and Death



In the world, when we're talking about accepting life, there are many happy things, sad things, fun things , and bitter things that we experience, while living and and approaching death, how does AKIHIDEsan perceive life and death?
Nagano-ken / Hirogata Hiroko



When I was a child, I wonder if I ever thought of my own death...... )


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Finally finished working on this article ^______^v

I'm not a professional translator,
but I'm aspiring to be one
so please don't hesitate to correct me.
I'm still learning.

I also don't feel like translating the review part. ^^;;;
It's about Van Gogh.

I don't have scanner, sorry ^^;;;

In AKIHIDE-san's lyrics, there are a lot of phrases that concerns strength like "I want to be strong" or "If I become strong", so, what do you think of strength? I'm the kind of person who's always feel up and down all the time, so when I'm depressed I feel very weak.

Saitama Perfecture/Yuu


AKIHIDE's answer under the cut )


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