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I was browsing around Akihide-san's blog and found this old post of his that I really like from 16th November 2006. I wonder what made him write it. He sometimes manages to write something that makes me wonder if i want to cry or to smile after reading the post.

I also like this word, so I decided to translate it in one go. This might not be perfect. I might have lost things here and there.
But I just can't help to post it. ^____^

大丈夫 )
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I finally got hold of NEVER LAND’s Beautiful Days CD and I fell in love with the stories inside its lyrics, so much that I want to make others could love them too by trying to translate them here.

If you’re not familiar with the band, kindly check their homepage that Akihide-san has preserved in his homepage. 

I might have gotten lost while translating. There might be things here and there that come from my own interpretations in order to build nice English. It’s always past midnight each time I turn on my computer and start translating. I wrote my comments/explanations under each song.


Corrections and comments are highly appreciated.



Pianisuto )




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the one i mentioned yesterday... Anis' bbs translation atempt.

here you go...!! )
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Second post today... ^______^

More Akihide blog translation. I'm lagging way behind, but even if these posts make me want to shoot my own head each time I give a try, it gets addictive. Hahaha... I think I will try my best translating all of those recent posts. Ganbarimasu..!!

んー、ドラマティック。 )
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I've made the translation of the bbs post I told you about yesterday. It's so Anis - Akira friendship ^____^ I love them together and am having a craving of seeing them doing acoustic live together.

And if Anis-san, or MONORAL, or anyone from the management disagrees in my attempt of translating, please don't sue, please don't report, simply leave a message and ask me to delete these entries (as well as those I post at the KIRI-MIST blog). I will submit and delete them for you. ^____^ I'm just a harmless fan trying to keep up with you.

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Here goes another interpretation/translation of AkihideLife – blog of BREAKERZ’s guitarist, Akihide-san.

I decided to make this one first, because this post is more interesting to read compared to others waiting for my translation. Too bad that, as always, there's always a loss of beauty and meaning while you're translating/interpreting. Correction is always appreciated. I'm still a beginner.

For this one, I decide to do also translation to Bahasa Indonesia. Forgive me that the words I'm using in the Bahasa Indonesia version is kind of mellow. The mood feels correct. Btw, the italic word means that he wrote in English using katakana, and the normal fonts are my comments.

On to the translation and more )
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Here it goes, a more-or-less my graps of what Ali-san wrote in MONORAL blog, by special request of Niken (and yes, as long as she wants it and providing that I have spare time, I will continue translating MONORAL blog entry and maybe Anis’ entry from his BBS later). I’m not sure, if it’s OK translating MONORAL’s blog. But if maybe, someone from the management or the band itself doesn’t like to see my translation (because this is crappy and they can speak English fluently), I’d be more that grateful if they tell me so and I will turn this down. MONORAL’s wish is my command. Hahahaha…!!

what ali said... )

Happy ANISversALI to MONORAL ~ ♥♫

Long live!! Stay cool!! And I hope that we will see each other soon in one of your gigs!!


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