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I have been thinking of translating this song for a very long time. But the Japanese is actually too hard for me to understand. I actually think I have misunderstanding on the lyrics, even if I listen to it almost on daily basis. Because of what has happened these last few days, I decided to finally took up the courage to tranlate the lyrics of this song. It is far from perfect.

Seizensetsu the song from Amazarashi that I like the most. I sing this in karaoke, sometimes trying not to cry myself. The lyrics felt so close to me in a way, that it actually makes me think about a lot of things in life. Sometimes it actually makes me ask if my perspective of the world is "right". Seizensetsu does not really have translation in English, that's why I leave it as it is in the title. It is the believe that everybody is fundamentally good, which is part of the Confucianism teachings (reference in Wikipedia Japan).

Believe that human is fundamentally good )
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I have to admit that I am still in my Amazarashi boom, and I'm not sure when this will end and I will move on to my other translation project(s). I think I still owe some translations to some people. ^^;;;

Here is another Amazarashi number. I decided to translate it because while hearing the song (lately music is just a background for working, and not really for listening), I caught the sentence 「7年後に太平はビルから飛び降りた そんな勇気なら無いほうが良かった」 and somehow it made me listen more to the song. I fell in love again with Akita Hiromu-san's work. I guess, that one moment when I saw his album in Tower Records really changed my life and my fandom.

I have no idea if there is official English translation of this song, because everytime I try checking on the homepage, it always open Anomie lyrics instead. ^^;;; Seems like there is something wrong with the page's setting. Or maybe it's my computer. Lol.

Enjoy this, while waiting for summer ^_____^

夏を待っていました || Waiting for Summer )
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Amazarashi just put this new heartrendring new PV in his youtube account to promote his upcoming release of acoustic album. I was talking with another friend who likes this group too, and she pushed me to translating this for real.

I haven't seen any official translation yet, so no place to compare for now. But seeing that it's Amazarashi, there might be official translation soon.

Enjoy ^__________^

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I was watching this PV when I remember seeing such model. It reminds me of the 1:1,000 model of the whole Tokyo that I saw before. It was awesome....!! Perhaps because of my background as an architect, I got attracted with this PV. The Amazarashi logo shown in the architectural model made me smile ^___^

And of course, Amazarashi has that bittersweet lyrics to go along with the song. The lyrics somehow made me lightened as I thought, well, my problems are first-world problem, priviledged problems, I will still laugh no matter what happens tomorrow. I have a good life. So as my form of gratitude to Amazarashi for this beautiful song, I decided to interpret it to English.

Again, Amazarashi has an official translation of this lyrics here. Please refer to that one for a more accurate version of translation.


the interpretation is below cut ^___^ )
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A few years ago, a daughter of a neighbor committed suicide by starvation. And I wonder how someone can go through that suffering to die. Because there are faster methods if you just want to end it. But most of all, I wonder if she just live one day longer, would she meet another man who could make her happy. I've been interested with the theme of "death" and "suicide" for a long time, perhaps because I used to wonder what would happen if I die, perhaps because a dear friend of mine tried to commit suicide, perhaps because every life ends with death.

I fell in love with this song. The melody, lyrics, and visualization got into me like hurls of hurricane. That's why I interpret it into English, for myself. Perhaps to try understanding those who decided to end their lives early, in their way, as they see fit. I am trying to understand to remind myself not to put judgement, and to remind myself not to run away from this reality.

The video is a piece of art work set in the forest dubbed as the suicide forest. It is on one side of Mount Fuji, in Shizuoka perfecture. It is an eerie world to enter because you can find dead bodies or belongings of those decided to leave this life. I've never been there, and I don't want to. I don't dare to.

My interpertation is not the same with the official translation from Amazarashi. Just so you be warned.

I'm digging a hole

穴を掘っている 人生どこで間違えた
穴を掘っている 自暴自棄にスコップを突き立てる
風が唸る森 夜鷹なんかが鳴いちゃってさ
まんまるな満月に 見張られてる25時
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