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After years of living in Japan and trying to get Acid Black Cherry's ticket and failed all the time, last year [livejournal.com profile] mt10lt20 (from here on I will call her Jo) and I decided to join the fan club to gain better access for tickets. This year it pays off really well. This live was our first Acid Black Cherry concert and our seat was on the first row in arena, Hiro's and Shuse's side (if AKIHIDE was still playing there, it would be his side - sorry I can't help saying this, because you know how I love AKIHIDE).

We kind of rushed to Yoyogi, because we had our weekly seminar (and the same reason why we decided to give up on going to ABC's live in Osaka despite having quite good ticket too), and it's quite far to go from Kashiwa where our campus is to Yoyogi - literally crossing almost the whole Tokyo. We got there as when the door was already opened and looking at the line for goods, we gave up our idea to get the t-shirt and just went into the arena. We have read that we get the first row, but we could not believe it was true even as we reached our place.
My ticket ^______^

I have to admit that when they finally came on stage, my attention was all to Hiro and Shuse, after all, I cannot lie that I was a quite big La'cryma Christi fan back in 2005-2007 (just because I stranded into their page while looking for the Brazilian goth metal bad called Lacryma Christi. La'Cryma Christi also took me back into Japanese music scene after I refused listening to them for very personal reason). Hiro's songs are my favorite among La'Cryma songs (Lhasa stays all time favorite for me), and Shuse was once my no. 2fave Japanese bassist (second to Tetchan) before IKUO and Sato Masatoshi came to my life. And then most of the time, Junji's drum stole my attention away - cannot help that because all the musical instruments I play are drums and percussion.

I don't remember the set list. I was too dazed to remember them. So I'll just write about the MC part before I forget it. It starts to get fuzzy.

Please remember also that I am not a native Japanese speaker, so I might have understood them wrong.

First MC Part )

Second MC Part )

Encore )
Despite being at the first row, and YUKI, Shuse, and Yasu throw stuffs at my direction, the fans on our left and right were always faster. In the end YASU was throwing his t-shirt right in front of me, but it fell inside the guard area and the staff somehow handed it to other people TT_TT But I felt happy anyway because it's really my best seat ever!!
photo (1)
The flowers for Acid Black Cherry. It was very crowded so I took picture while passing by.

I'm looking forward for the final live next Sunday. Our seat will be further away, but it will be near the VIP seats. ^______^ I wonder who would also come to see Acid Black Cherry then.

Now off to bed. It's almost 4:30 and the sky is already bright. 


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