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Birthdate:Oct 7
This place is where I put all my translation attempts that I do for fun. It is also a place to tell a select number of people about my life (and it is up to them to read or ignore) because I lock almost all of my non-translation posts.

My interest in Japanese music and entertainment industry is very wide, but I would watch more for AKIHIDE, 嵐, and ACIDMAN related things. I also love Kato Shigeaki from NEWS for his writing and his duet with Koyama Keiichirou - they make excellent combi. I also like One OK Rock, Amazarashi, and 凛として時雨 and would sometimes translate songs from them, if I come across a lyric that cannot go out of my head; and for the no-so-commercial part, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to listen to utaite through NND. My favorite utaite are 蛇足 and koma'n.

Outside the Japanese entertainment industry, I listen more to metal bands like Helloween, Edguy, Avantasia, Angra, Nightwish, Blind Guardian, and many others. I am also a fan of Stephan Eicher, Placebo, and God is an Astronaut.

Here are the links to the works outside this LJ account: some old translations of AKIHIDE's blog at the BREAKERZ LJ com.

I'm on hiatus from translating.

As I've mentioned before, this is also my personal journal. So I'd rather not share it with too many people. I might not add you back. It's not that I hate you. But it's for your own safety because I tend to ramble about so many things that are totally not related to Japanese fandom.

More about me?

My first language is Indonesian, but I always feel weird translating to Indonesian... I guess I will only translate to English, even if Japanese is sometimes easier to translate into Indonesian. My Japanese is only on conversational level, and I don't really read kanji, so dictionary and rikai-chan are always overused during translation.
English is not really my forte, even though I always say that it is my second language. Bear with typos and grammatical errors. I will be happy if you correct me.
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