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Finally finished working on this article ^______^v

I'm not a professional translator,
but I'm aspiring to be one
so please don't hesitate to correct me.
I'm still learning.

I also don't feel like translating the review part. ^^;;;
It's about Van Gogh.

I don't have scanner, sorry ^^;;;

In AKIHIDE-san's lyrics, there are a lot of phrases that concerns strength like "I want to be strong" or "If I become strong", so, what do you think of strength? I'm the kind of person who's always feel up and down all the time, so when I'm depressed I feel very weak.

Saitama Perfecture/Yuu


AKIHIDE's answer under the cut )
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I decided to translate this one because Akihide talked about song writing.
This is an old entry, from almost 6 years ago, so I believe some of this might have changed somehow. But it's always good to know about such thing, especially because I love him as a song writer....

2004.11.13 1:42

I feel it's been a while...

ワンマンライブ、demonstration CDとひとつの節目が付いたので

To those who came to the one-man live, as well as those who supported from afar, thank you very much!
It can surpass the next fun night!
And then, after the live finished, talking about what I do recently
I'm writing new songs from night to night.
Because the one-man live and the Demonstration CD are all a turning point,
we're in the middle of a new challenge of experiment.

My method of songwriting is about one month of full concentration to have about 10 in completion, regardless the number of those unfinished.
And then from among these pieces of music, there are compositions that makes me choose as the best, like, "this one!" but having to be able to do to that extend makes me lose energy and made me hibernate from writing for about 1-2 months.
It's always that kind of cycle.
Now into a song that absorbs a lot of things, for example in the one-man live
while remaking those songs, by piecing together the new pieces, a new song is slowly born.
Now I'm anticipating what kind of composition would come out.
Moreover, the absorbed energy doesn't turn only into a composition, but also continues to change into the (moonside) theater, HP (homepage), as well as design.
That there are people who see and hear all of those is happiness to me
I feel it thoroughly.
If there are people who are getting that kind of happiness,
then I feel like, it's great


As expected from a song, it's confining
making all human tied together to other people
a blessing of use.
Street sign, hitting the restaurant cash register, neji made in factories,
letters written to someone, words posted in a computer...
a lot of things in this world, in Japan, in our surrounding rise
What our hands creates, I want it to be tied together towards happiness


Well, this evening too, I'm aiming to that "supreme moment"
song writing!
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A very, very old entry of AKIHIDE's LIFE.
I decided to translate it just because it's about his decision on which name he wanted to use.
Now he's back to using AKIHIDE instead of his real name.
I for myself, like both, but his real name has a particular good meaning to it, so maybe I have the tendency to like his kanji version better.

AKIHIDE on name from his October 13th, 2004 post )

I usually use Akki or Akiaki at times in when talking about him in chats or in my fangirl-ramblings. But when addressing him formally I use the "standardized" AKIHIDE as it's written for BREAKERZ, unless he wrote it otherwise (like for credits of his flash movies or back in NEVER LAND days; where he used kanji and then I will use standardized romanization).

How do you call him?
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One more translation from AKIHIDE's guitar room


The SG that came on stage ever since BREAKERZ's FIGHTERS TOUR.
It's recent-made.
On the neck there's a break mark... it's a compensation from a repairing.
By the way, there's a theory about the way the neck of the guitar broke.
Compared to the main, the sound has a blow of dry characteristic to it.
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Maybe because Akki is the first guitarist who ever made it to my most favorite musicians (usually dominated by vocalist, bassist, and keys), I got interested in seeing through his guitar room, and thought, maybe translate what he writes there about his guitars.

So, here's yet another one of my moody translation project. XDDD
Please don't kill me now for starting yet another random translation project.

I'm not familiar with guitar parts, let alone the said model. Then again I'm still learning Japanese and English is not my native language. Add them all together, you might have a fail translation here.

Critics and corrections are highly appreciated.


Gibson SG - Cherry -


So, here's yet another one of my moody translation project. XDDD
Please don't kill me now for starting yet another random translation project.

'74 made.
It's the main guitar, one that is always used.
The bridge from the rental for the recording in the year '00 at the lake among the mountain, I wasn't really pleased with it, so I returned it.
It's the first old guitar I handled.
The scars and the scrapped paint both chiseled at lives,it has emotional attachment, it's a strong guitar.
I really like the front pick up's sweet and heartrending sound
most of the sound for the solo guitar recording is this sound.
Of course it also has a role as a powerful backing.

The pick up is original.
The fret has gone for repair, the pegs are changed.
The bridge from this era has peculiar use, and it's called wide travel bridge
the scales is somewhat affected, it seems to come to have good peculiar sound.

General body balance is the bad "head slip" SG.
The left hand side angle has special manufacturing, even though it's attached to the peg, it has the same balance with the rest of the guitar.

The volume pod of the pick up of the front, in order to let out the choice of sound
no matter how many times attempts it's close to the image.

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finally there's some updates in monoral blog. i'm so happy.

i wonder if they're really going to release an album later this year.
and hopefully they'll make a concert at the end of the year.
i wanna see them live. what should i bring from indonesia as a gift for them?
coffee? batik? toys?

and then on to the translations....

ps: to Anis-san, Ali-san, or the management staffs,
please if you think I translate it wrong. just laugh it off.
i know you're all very fluent english speakers.
or if you don't like your blog translated just tell me.
and i will put them down.

Congratulations to MONORAL for the 9 year long of music...!!
I will continue to support you.

ps 2: why hasn't Ali-san posted lately? I miss him and his UFO. TT.TT

+++  +++  +++

July 28, 2010

9 Year Anniversary!

--- to see the pics head to this entry ---

Good evening.
Everyone who sent congratulations message on monoral 9 years anniversary, thank you! Actually, it's thanks to all of you that in our 10th year and beyond, we are able to continue making music. We believe that a god single will come out, and we're anticipating the tour that starts next month.
Today, with ali, we visited George and Tarou-chan in their radio show! Broadcasting the new song, and using the accoustic guitar in the studio, we were let to perform one song. They have been our friends who gives support to monoral. Big thanks. To everyone who came to play at InterFM, thank you ne~.

much love anis

+++  +++  +++

July 20, 2010


--- the picture can be seen here (it's anis and ali) ----

monoral, don't get me wrong but, this summer we're back!
everyone, it's been a while~. Sorry that lately I've only been updating my own blog nee~. Is everyone healthy? Today with ali we were givena  chance to do a live broadcast on TV. It's the first time we show, in the TV show origin, the new song in our country. It felt like the tour is soon starting. Everyone, come and play neー! Because the size (of the venue) for Nagoya and Sendai seems to become bigger, everyone please bring your friend.  laugh and tears there's also first time in Kyoto, so the anticipation multiplies. I wanna hury and do the tour. The picture is at today's TV show Origin, the part while we were listening about mother complex and the blooming two of us had our eyes closed. (laughs)
To those who have sent the programs mails, those who came to play at the program, thank you very much ne~.

much love anis
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Happy birthday to AKIHIDE!!
I don't know how to express my birthday wish to him
because somehow I don't know how to write more than a simple


so I decided to translate all his birthday entries from his blog.
This might be a weird way of celebrating it.
But well, I think that's what fans do.

Please note that I'm not a native in either of the languages,
so mistakes could be made while understanding and translating these posts.

So here it goes...

++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ +++

2009 )

++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ +++

2008 )

++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ +++

2007 )

++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ +++

2006 )

++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ +++

2005 )

++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ +++

2004 )

++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ +++

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Changed my mind in just seconds XDDD because Anis posted an entry in the MONORAL blog.
And I miss the two together so much already. ^________________^
and akira was there too...!!

June 24, 2010

Tour Decided!!

[ this picture ]

It's been a while~. Tour is decided!
After about 8 months after monoral one man live, so without fail please come to play. I want to hurry and let you hear the new song. We're in the middle of high-praised recording**. Look forward to it!
Yesterday was RENT press release,  therefore thank you to those who have come to support~. A while ago we as monoral were let to play 2 songs unplugged*. ali was flipping guitar! Akirassu also participated, and in the end everybody was dancing on stage! of course ali and akirassu also participated. It was really a fun day-!
This year, summer are you supporting monoral together?
the picture is our manager's only masterpiece~. (laugh)

much love anis

** i'm lost... did i misunderstand his words again?
* kill me, i'm a bit MTV biased, so unplugged instead of acoustic. =P
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Among all the Japanese blogs that I read, Anis is the only one not supporting for Japan. Hehehehehe. But of course, he was raised in France, so he's rooting for France.

Charira* in Osaka!
[3 images of Anis on a bike]

Today taking a patrol to the south on bike with a Morrocan friend. It's really fun ~. (laughs) Taking patrol in the afternoon is good ne~. Yesterday I was up all night with Akirassu, now Akirassu is still in the dream world. Tomorrow please come to play. Look forward for the preparation of the Omikuji live-!

much love anis

*a pun of chari (bike) and shalila? ^^;;;;

[picture of Anis and Akira and ... I don't know the other 2... Anis' Morrocan friend and...papa?]

To those who came to play in our Omikuji Live, I really thank you~. The set list is considerably different from Tokyo Omikuji ne~. Papa participated in 3 songs, and at midnight Mickey and Emirii participated in one song so it's varied. The theme this time is Hana Yori Dango (dango over flower/people who are more interested in practical things over aesthetical value)! (laugh) Yesterday the weather was good, but today as I went out from the hotel it rained hard. Until next month when I come back to Osaka, therefore please treat me well~. Next is yukata night. And before that Wine night. Look forward to it. (laugh)

much love anis

Nice Matsui

[picture of a smiling lady wiping a window]

Iyaー. Today is pleasant. Exciting ne~! World Cup is fun. Although France's match was a disappointment*, today I feel refreshed. Have a good night rest~.

much love anis

*It's actually written "Because France's match was a disappointment..." but I feel the conjugation seems jumbled.... so I changed it. I'm sorry.
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2005.1.24 2:00 

I dreamed.
A modern version of my childhood happy memory.
Nowadays I think it's never realized.
Thinking that, being able to see it is happy and heartrending. 

But dream is mysterious, ne (certainly!)
It happens a lot of times, ne? Someone you don't know from the next class appears in your dream
and the next day you became worried about it.

Even though most of the times you immediately forget the contents of you dream,
somehow some deep footsteps are left behind.
Then somehow or another, you want to continue to dream of the footsteps that are not yet appear.
That's impossible.
But if you could see the truth of the dream, certainly to people who can continue to sleep
it will certainly appear.

In the past  heard that if you look down under your pillow a connection will spread out and you sleep
seems that you can dream that dream.
Tonight I might try to do so.

come to think of it, I also heard about the pillow and dream just like what Akihide wrote.
did try it... but it didn't happen.
somehow the continuation of dream would appear when you least expect it.

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I wish that my favorite artists are real human and not merchandise to sell by the company.

I'm not talking about Anis or MONORAL. Some of you might understand of what I'm talking about.

and about the translation, forgive me for being lazy to check on the names of the people mentioned here.


Is everyone healthy?
Today the wind is very nice!
lately it's rather condensed, this week I head south earlier to Osaka
not patrolling. World Cup is starting so it seems like there's going to be unnecessary confinement. Sukapaa doesn't seem to cancel his contract. The games in which France play, I always gather in a friend's place, making dinner party and get excited. It will be great if I can do that this year. What do you do at the game in which Japan play? I'm really excited expecting the ball game!

much love anis

* I can't find what this means... I'll edit later when I have the reference.
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2 dozens

[picture of 2 boxes of Menetou-Salon wine*]

Everyone, how are you getting along? Er... finally 2 dozens arrived. Why it's curious that wine disappears so fast? Why? Wonder if until June's Wine Accoustic Live they could wait as stock... sou sou! It has nothing to do with it, but do you know about parumit? In Japan it's not a major thing, ne? It tastes somethinglike a mix of white asparagus, pickles, and bamboo shoots. It's the first time I found a place that sells it in Japan. I often ate it when I was in Morocco, so I kind of miss it. It's good mixed into salad! What about creating Osaka Parumit Omikuji? (laughs) No way. See you~.

much love anis

* anis said that it's his favorite wine ^_____^ wonder if i can find it in Indonesia.
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I know I started translating 世界の果て first, but somehow this one overtakes the long abandoned project.
maybe because the mood of this story fits me better. talking about... love... *sighs*

the story can be accessed from here
then go to the Moon Side Theater, go the 5th floor and find the movie or simply click on the poster on the below right or for non-flash users or mobile phone internet, please head here.

Since I don't want to copy-paste his artwork here and therefore each scene is separated by red crosses here, please go to the aforementioned homepage to enjoy the whole experience. Watching the flash movie is the best because the music is also superb (but then again I'm really Akihide biased, so maybe you have different opinion).

Please enjoy the story.

The Umbrella who Loved
-Love Series no. 2-

story, art, music by Akihide Sato


Once there was a couple who loved each other

However in one bright day
the lady was gone


As she came to the heaven's door, she requested the god
"Even if my form is changed, I want to be by his side."

The god hesitated
but he put her soul into...


the bright red umbrella that she gave to her lover


the bright red umbrella protected her lover from the heavy downpour


the bright red umbrella
protected her lover from the piercing cold of the snow


However one day, as the times passed by

a young woman huddled with the man
under the bright red umbrella


she was the new lover
the bright red umbrella was burned with jealousy
it refused to open, avoiding the rain
so the two of them were troubled


then the new lover said,
"let's throw away that umbrella"

but the man laughed gently
he only said, "it's a valuable thing for me."
while folding the sulking umbrella carefully


the bright red umbrella began to cry

gently god addressed her
"nobody can stop time...
but it does not wash away anything, it accumulates
for things that the eyes cannot see
the time with you remains important."


after that
the bright red umbrella no longer broken
and always seem to be by his side.

----- end -----

PS: comments, critics, and flames are very much welcome. ^_______^ 
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I'm laughing myself off, reading this entry. He reminds me to some of my designer friends (and to say that I'm also a designer, but working in a corporate one, instead of independently).

2005.2.12 0:11

Today, while taking the day-train I was surprised.
It was just like morning rush in the weekdays.
When I got off the train I came to know that it's the start of a consecutive holiday...

I basically have no sense of the days.
That's why I keep forgetting bank's closing day, the garbage collecting days*, missing a lot of favorite TV programs. (but don't get me wrong, it doesn't mean that my room is dirty)
Before, in order to arrange my schedule, the written schedule
now things like song memo are sleeping under the design rough, completely meaningless...
Picking them up from the sea of papers of schedule, I will soon notice the appointment time.
Looking at it for a while, and put it back into the sea of paper.
Somehow it'll be manageable!
I'm giving myself words of miracle.
Then, let tomorrow be a good day!

* in Japan there are different garbage collecting days for different garbage. And they're really strict on that. One must put the garbage early in the morning, and if they're late, then they'd have to wait until the next collection. They separate it into flamable, non-flamable, big garbage (like electronics and stuffs), and ... iinm they have to separate organic too, but I'm not sure. missing one collecting day means you have to keep the garbage inside your house.
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i hate the internet because it's been on-off for a while, making me failed in downloading oshareism that i want to see. argh!!
and i've been missing akihide, since he hasn't updated, at least until about an hour ago... i present again... another post from the old blog. ^____^ enjoy!!

2005.2.27 1:02

In front of me, who is waiting for bus,
there's a old woman in a thick hoodie.
Shivering from the cold,
her voice called, "Today's cold, isn't it?"
"It really is," came my reply.
While waiting for the bus that was late from its schedule, I talked a little with the old lady.
As the bus finally came the old lady said, "Thank you for the chit chat. Waiting became less boring," while smiling cutely.
I want to be like that kind of old people.
Surely, for that purpose, I enjoy everyday, and have to live strongly, ne.
From that saying, I received a change of peacefulness.
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Yeah!! now I have internet access at home too. not a fast kind one... but i think it's enough to go online and download once in a while. So... let me present you ... anis blog updates.
I want to eat the food he prepares too..!!


Good morning~. Today the weather is good. Omikuji live biori.* I'm starting to cook now. Collecting the ingredients was difficult. Because I couldn't understand the picture, I put the normal tabasco. canned tuna and mayonaise, and tabasco ten times the ammount! Isn;t it great? I thought of making it at the live, but really, on stage is going to be difficult, but because I want to make it, I bring them. I prepared a hugecooler box with cooling agent (cooling pack). It feels like going camping. It seems like it can hold up to three days!
Please enjoy!

much love anis

Anis Kaze Diabolo Tuna Dip

Thank you for coming to play yesterday~. I like the tension in the Omikuji Live. This time I'm thinking of an interesting set list. Yesterday, being told about the treat after the live by everyone was nice. Really, while everyone was eating, I intruded, wanted to know about your opinions. (laughs) Although preparing such big ammount was hard, seeing everyone eating, I'm thinking of cooking again. If there's an ingredient that you can't eat, I'm sorry for those who couldn't do the sampling. Next time please give me menu expectation! In the mean time, here's Anis Kaze Diabolo Tuna Dip Reipe!
Canned tuna
cayenne pepper
hot garam masalla (esupii*)

cut olive, onion, jalapeo and parsley finely,
add to tuna and mayonaise, mix well,add spices to finish.
the ammount of ingredients depends on your feeling at that day.
At All Night, I was 120% drunk.(laugh)
I'm really sorry. It really turned.Next month will be wine night, if everyone got drunk, it would be scarry!
I'm always very moved by everyone's kindness. Thank you.

much love anis


* no idea what he's talking about... anyone has any reference i can check?
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I decided to translate the old blog posts when there's no update from Akihide. It's fun, really. And I need to read Japanese to practise. So when I succeed in learning Japanese and become a translator one day, Akki surely be one of those I thank from the bottom of my heart.

But I will definitely only translate the interesting ones... and I will go backward from the latest one in the old life to the oldest one.
I notice that his language was not as difficult as today, but biased as I am, I think it's really interesting to read. Akki's way of thinking is so amusing... and I can't help but agree that he's such an odd ball. ^_____________^


2005.3.3 2:13

March is already starting.
Despite of that it's really cold.
There's no heater in my working room! That's why I'm always wrapped in blanket, typing on the computer. even though originally I'm not a person who minds about cold or heat, this year I'm suffering a little...  Thinking that it will get warm soon, I missed the timing to buy home heater, and tonight it comes. Tomorrow seems like it's going to snow. That's certainly cold, isn't it?

Aren't children outdoor creatures?
Often I notice boys with shorts in the cold weathers.
Actually I was that way to when I was small (laughs).
Until the 6th year of elementary school I always ran around wearing shorts.
Even now, I'm indifferent towards cold, it's because of that, I think.

I also didn't ride bike until the 6th year of my elementary school. (although I used to ride it in kindergarten)
That's why, when everyone was riding bicycle, me, who wore shorts would run to follow them. That's why now, if the train doesn't work, I will walk even if it takes an hour.
Although why did I become that kind of child I can't remember,
maybe I was trying to be different from most people.
Tomorrow I will walk the streets wearing shorts M (absolutely impossible though...)

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Since lately I'm too lazy to post twice each time i do a translation... i decided to sum them up in one post here.... just because i want to have them in my page too, in case something happened. >.<

if you have read them at BREAKERZ com... it's basically just copy pasted.

it's 3:10 am and i'm still at the office... i want my bed... badly...!!

akihide life of May 21-25 can be accessed under this cut... )
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] gasara who had neatly retyped the lyrics to this wonderful song here at [livejournal.com profile] milkyway__  .

I'm not a native in either Japanese nor English, so I might mess up at places while trying to make English that makes sense.
But I'm quite confident about this translation...  ^_____^

Green Story

"I want to meet you"

tsubuyaita dake ja todokanai
ima goro dareka no tonari de nemutteru

I was young then I couldn't reach you
About this time on whose side are you sleeping at?

kimi nara shiawase ni nareru hazu dakara ne
tamani wa tegami wo okure yo
... uso dakedo

If it's you, I'm sure you could be happy
Once in a while write me a letter
... even if it's a lie

futari de kawashita yakuzoku wo
futari de dekaketa bashou tachi mo
amari ni mo oosugite
kono machi de wa ikirarenai
sanbashi mo koen mo hajimete kissu wo shita ano basho mo
ano goro to kawarazu kimi ga matteru you de...
dakara shiranai machi made
kimi wo wasure ni itte mo
hanarereba hanareru hodo ni omou
"moshimo kimi ga koko ni ireba..."
kore ijou kurushimasenai de

Exchanged promises between us
Places where we went out together
Excessively too many
This town is no longer livable
that bridge, that park, the place where we had our first kiss
I'm waiting for you who had changed from that time
That's why even if I'm going to an unknown quarter
to forget about you
thinking the further I go the more I could let go of you
"in case you are here right now ..."
this cannot suffer me more.

"I want to meet you"

ima mo kimochi wa tomerarenai
isso kimi wo yume da to omoetara
semete kimi no eranda sono aite ga
boku no shiranai hito nara yokatta noni

Even now I can't stop this feeling
And I still think to see you in my dreams
At least if the person you choose to be with
is someone I don't know, I'd feel alright

"kireina hoshizora ga mitai" to
kimi ga itta ano fuyu no hi ni
tsuretetta new town chisaina oka no ue
furueteru kimi no te wo toiki de kurunde atatamete
otagai no kimochi wi shitta sono basho

"I want to see the beautiful starry sky"
you said on that winter night
On the top of a small hill near the new town
your trembling hands wrapped around your breath to keep warm
the place where I came to know our mutual feeling

kimi ga kore kara doko de dare to sugosu toshitemo
tada hitotsu dake onegai ga aru
kimi to boku no basho ni wa
chigau dareka tsurete konai de

From now on you're going spend your time with someone else
but I only have one wish to you
that place of ours
please don't go there with anyone else

"I want to meet you"

ano hi sunao ni ietanonara
ima mo kimi to narande iretara kana?
semete futari eranda kono mirai wo
yume no saki e tsunageru michi ni shinakucha

That day If I could be more honest
I wonder if now I were still by your side
At least the future that we chose
should have been fastened to our previous dream 


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