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I have to admit that I am still in my Amazarashi boom, and I'm not sure when this will end and I will move on to my other translation project(s). I think I still owe some translations to some people. ^^;;;

Here is another Amazarashi number. I decided to translate it because while hearing the song (lately music is just a background for working, and not really for listening), I caught the sentence 「7年後に太平はビルから飛び降りた そんな勇気なら無いほうが良かった」 and somehow it made me listen more to the song. I fell in love again with Akita Hiromu-san's work. I guess, that one moment when I saw his album in Tower Records really changed my life and my fandom.

I have no idea if there is official English translation of this song, because everytime I try checking on the homepage, it always open Anomie lyrics instead. ^^;;; Seems like there is something wrong with the page's setting. Or maybe it's my computer. Lol.

Enjoy this, while waiting for summer ^_____^

Waiting for Summer

君はまだ覚えてるかな 幼い頃の暑い六月 廃線になった線路を 僕等はどこまでも歩いた
乗り気で水筒なんかを ぶら下げてきた雅敏は おじちゃんに買ってもらったマウンテンバイクを自慢した
Do you still remember  that hot June in our childhood  we ran through that abandoned railways throughly
Having our water flask hanging with enthusiasm, Masatoshi bragged on the mountainbike that his uncle* bought

「けどな 俺はおじちゃんが嫌いなんだ 母ちゃんをいつも泣かせてばかりいるから」
僕は何だか気まずくなって 目をそらしたんだ 雅敏の顔に大きな青痣があったから
"But I hate this uncle*. he always makes my mother cry."
I somehow became awkward and looked up to the sky  because there was a big bruise on Masatoshi's face

降りだした夕立に走りだす つぶれた無人駅で雨宿り 明日は何して明後日は何して
くだらない話で笑い転げる 嵐の予感に胸が高鳴る あの時僕ら皆は確かに
We ran under the rain that started that evening  taking shelter in a manless train station
What will we do the tomorrow What will we do the day after tomorrow
We rolled with laughter on meaningless talks  My heart was throbing for anticipation of storm
That time, surely we were  Watiting for summer

ここに居たくないってのと どこかに行きたいってのは 同じ意味なのかな なんにしろ歩こうか
体育と部活が何より苦手な靖人は とうとう膝を抱えてこう呟いた
「僕はいつも皆に置いてきぼりで 本当にダメなやつでごめんな」
僕らはなんだか笑ってしまった つられて靖人も涙目で笑った
I rited I didn't want to be here   I wonder if it's the same meaning with I want to go elsewhere
Even if it's through hardship, let's keep on walking**
Yasuhito who hates physical education and club activities above all else  finally put his hands on his knees and muttered
"I'm always being left behind  I'm really sorry for being worthless"
We all somehow laughed  And Yasuhito joined our laughter with tears in his eyes

背の高い夏草でかくれんぼ 鬼は迫り来る時間の流れ もういいかいまだだよって叫んだよ
僕は今も見つからないままで あの時と同じ膝をかかえて 部屋から青い空を見上げて
We played hide and seek in the tall summer grass  In the stretching time of "it'''s*** coming   Calling are you finished
Even now, I am yet be found  Holding my knees close as that time  I looked up from that room towards the blue sky
Waiting for summer

身長が高くて喧嘩が強い 太平はいつも無茶な遊びを思いつく
「この鉄橋に一番 長くぶら下がったやつの 言うことは何でも聞かなきゃダメだぜ」
僕らはびびって出来なかったけど 太平は平気な顔でぶら下がる
7年後に太平はビルから飛び降りた そんな勇気なら無いほうが良かった
The tall one and strong in fights  Taihei always thought of absurd plays
"The one who can swing on to this railway the longest  will be able to ask for anything"
We were all to scared and failed  But Taihei was swinging with calm face
Seven years after, Taihei jumped of a building  If that's courage, then it's better not to have it

高層ビルの下でかくれんぼ あれから何年がたっただろう もういいかいまだだよって声もない
もしも今日があの日の続きなら 僕らの冒険を続けなくちゃ 六月の空を僕は見上げて
We play hide and seek under the skyscrapers  How many years has it been
There is no voice asking if we have done hiding
If today is the continuation of that day   We have to continue our adventure   I look up at June's sky
Waiting for summer

* In this story, it seems that the おじちゃん mentioned here has nothing to do with blood relation. Ojichan can be used to call middle-aged man in general by children, and thus, I assume that the ojichan mentioned here is Masatoshi's mother's boyfriend rather than Masatoshi's uncle per se.
** I'm not so sure if this part is the right translation. なんにしろ歩こうか, since なんwas written in hiragana, I am not sure if it has the "what" meaning or "hardship" meaning. I chose on the later, because on the previous sentence,
*** The original lyric actually says 鬼 which means ogre, but I translate it into "it" to follow the more accurate English word for hide and seek's seeker.


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