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I was watching this PV when I remember seeing such model. It reminds me of the 1:1,000 model of the whole Tokyo that I saw before. It was awesome....!! Perhaps because of my background as an architect, I got attracted with this PV. The Amazarashi logo shown in the architectural model made me smile ^___^

And of course, Amazarashi has that bittersweet lyrics to go along with the song. The lyrics somehow made me lightened as I thought, well, my problems are first-world problem, priviledged problems, I will still laugh no matter what happens tomorrow. I have a good life. So as my form of gratitude to Amazarashi for this beautiful song, I decided to interpret it to English.

Again, Amazarashi has an official translation of this lyrics here. Please refer to that one for a more accurate version of translation.



I am Living in this City

空白みたいな 何もない空を ずっと眺めていたら
全部がもうどうでも いいやって思えて来るんだよ ちっぽけな悩みも
僕が生まれた 僕が生きてる 街の空
Always gaze upon vacuum-like empty sky
And that thought appears, "who cares, whatever" small worries too
The sky of this city, where I was born, where I live

悩み出したら きりがないこと よく知っているけど
くだらない事 考えてへこんでも 明日笑えればいい
そんな風に ゆっくり歩く 帰り道
When worries appear, I know it's endless
Even if I'm down thinking of trivial things, it's fine as long as I can laugh tomorrow
In that manner I walk slowly on my way home

争ったり いがみ合ったり 日々のとがった部分も
飲み込んだ街で 嘆いても 笑っても 見上げるこの空には
During the hard moments of days of competitions and quarrels
In this city that swallows all those, both sighing and laughing, I look up to this sky

いつでも紅い夕焼け 戸惑う未来教えて
歩きなれた街で 僕ら迷子みたいに
明日の道しるべ 探してる
この先後どれ位 信じてゆけるのかな
ふいに止んだ風に 不安になったりして
Unchanging crimson sunset  telling me perplexed future
The neighborhood I became used to walk on, I feel like a lost child
Looking for a signpost of tomorrow
From this on, how much longer can I believe?
I became worried as the wind suddenly stops
I am living in this city

夜の帳に 最終のJR 君を連れて消えた
逃げ道じゃない 感傷でもないんだよ 僕らの思い出は
何があっても 僕は味方だ 友達よ
Within the veil of night you disappeared along with the last JR
It's not a way out  It's not sentiment  Our memories
Whatevever happens  I am your ally I am your friend

迷ったり 嫌になったり 先の見えない闇も
切り裂いた君に 一つでも 叶わない 願いなんてあるものか
Being lost Starting to detest and the darkness where I can't see
Someone who tears to pieces like you, is not there any wish that can be granted?

あの時紅い夕焼け 戸惑う未来託して
誓った夢 理想も 今じゃガラクタみたいに
時の流れに 錆付いて
それでも 信じたいよ 何にも終わってないよ
知らん顔で過ぎてく 日々に 強がったりして
Unchanging crimson sunset  entrust me perplexed future
Taking an oath on dreams and hope though now they look like garbage
Rusting togehter with the flow of time
Even then, I want to believe  It is not finished yet
Feigning ignorance, I live my day pretending to be tough
I am living in this city

春夏秋冬 変わっていく街の景色 その中で 抗ってる 君も 僕も
希望 誹謗 理想 自嘲 戦ってる相手は 疑う心だ つまり自分だ
Spring summer autumn winter, you and I go againts the ever changing scenery of this city
Hope, abuse, ideals, the partner in this struggle is the doubting heart, in short myself

いつもの紅い夕焼け 旅立つ君の影が
歩きなれた街で 細長く横たわって
明日の道しるべ みたいに伸びる
この先後どれ位 悩んで歩くのかな
それでいいや 僕らは 希望も苦悩も抱えて
Unchanging crimson sunset  shadow of you who has gone
The neighborhood I became used to walk on,
Stretched and long something that might be tomorrow's guidepost are extending
Then, whatever, we are carrying this hope and anguish
I am living in this city

From now on too, I continue to live

Date: 2015-04-25 04:49 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] rizuka.livejournal.com
The song is growing on me ^_^


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