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I promised myself to finish this translation before #75 was released but I failed to keep it because I got overwhelmed by field work preparation. I hope I can keep up with #75 because I already copied it from the library. I don't have scans because I basically take pictures of MORE that my campus provides in the library.

I am not native English nor Japanese speaker,  so I might have misunderstood or misinterpret the text. If you have corrections or want to discuss the translation, please feel free to do so. I personally think that this article is basically quite difficult to translate, especially on the way Nino puts himself. Japanese has subtle emotion and stance in its grammar that I cannot really translate into English. I hope I did not mess up the content while trying to do so. I think Japanese is easier to be translated into Indonesian, but perhaps it's also because it's my native tongue. I'm too lazy to translate it to Indonesian, though.



It #74 The Art of Living

Nino who just went through Arashi's 15 year anniversary was there with bright expression. With wholehearted feeling engraved steadily, he proceeds towards the future.

Nino's solo song Merry Christmas which was included in the new release THE DIGITALIAN, despite nestling close to the album theme "human x digital", it also stands out from the rest. Within the sound and words of stories that he spun together, there are coexisting warmth and surprises. He always says, "I hate events like Christmas", and I wonder why he chose such theme.

"It's an event that I personally have no interest (laughs), but for a story, a book that many people can sympathize is important, right? There's also the timing of the release, but it's actually because it's a theme that nobody is likely to sing. Because it's meaningless if it overlaps with other members."

I remember that Matsujun said, "Nino has an opposite switch when it comes to Arashi". Both for lives and TV shows, he is someone who sees things from a different point of view from the other four members; he cuts through a different angle and creates a different direction.

"I don't really have the consciousness to turn to the opposite direction (laughs). But everything has three dimensions, right? What we consider to be the right thing, while we think it's good, I think it's better not to look at it from only the same direction, but rather from different directions. If we do that, I think its strength will grow with versatility and individuality."

Basically when Nino has to choose something, he does not have "like-dislike" standard to go by. For example the cloth bag that he often carries. It's vivid blue with game character print that looks Nino-like, but when I asked if it's something that he's into, he said, "I somehow use it because I received it."

"I actually have like and dislike, but I don't have the degree of 'it has to be this one' when it comes to choose something (laughs). In this world, rather than putting force to have to choose something, I kind of think that there is absoluteness. Because we don't know what is right; people think of choosing, right? But it does not mean that choosing would end up well, on the contrary, when we choose which road to go, it's one way or another. That's why I'm not concerned about choices. On album theme selection, the one deciding is the right person in the right place. But I never got troubled with life big decisions like work and marriage."

When it comes to their lives, people are troubled because they think they can choose.

"For example, the problems that girls often says 'I want to get married before 30!', honestly, I don't get what they mean (laughs). Whether that mean she wants to 'do the deed of marriage' or she wants to 'marry someone she likes', it needs to be probed further. 'Of course I want to marry someone I like' she'd say, but if that's the case, it's not restricted to the limit of before 30. First, rather than wanting to get married, the person she'd like has to appear first. Furthermore, her wish would only be granted if her partner wishes to marry as well."

He said, rather than choosing something, it is more important to delve into the depth of one's heart and knowing about oneself.

"In my case, I don't really have anything I want. My greed is also thin, upon my work, I don't have really have target and the like. But because I like making things and it is fun, I know why I continue this work. I think it can't be helped that in our life, different kinds of desire would appear. However, if we submit to these desires one by one, there would be no ending to it. It's not about the previous talk, but if because you think 'everyone is getting married so I want too' and you get married, there is a possibility that you'd think 'as I thought, I don't need this' might happen."

It is fun to fight in my own way even without seeking for a meaning or objective.

For Nino, working by organizing and analyzing emotion and desire is something he does on daily basis. That's why without impatience, without being carried away, he takes his steps forward earnestly.

"Upon knowing my heart and my nature, then I decide on how to live in this strict society. I think to search and acquire the art of living that fits your way is important. It's also the same in the world of game. There are a lot of people who think, 'I want that skill because it's getting popular', but is it really important? Saying, 'I want a weapon that makes me strong' but depending on where you're going and whom you are fighting, the weapon you use is different. You know, I'm quite strong when it comes to online game (laughs). The reason is because I have acquired a rare skill. In games, the key to increase your experience point on combat is to have the skill that others don't have, but when it comes to people who have the same equipment, people with higher attacking ability and defense point are strong, so you might still have disadvantage. But as for me, I have the skill that not many people have. Although the attacking ability is not really high, it's quite a high level. That's why with my own way of fighting, my experience point gradually levels up! And I'm happy about it (laughs)."

'Having weapon that nobody has', 'looking forward to fight', -----------. The secrets of success and thoughts that he also applies in games, Nino leads his work and his life.

"There's neither meaning nor objectives in playing games in itself, but I think I like to fight using my own way of thinking."


Just a short comment on Nino's talk about marriage, I kind of agree with his thought (if I did not interpret wrongly, that is). Rather than setting an age limit, it's better to know what you want from life and also from marriage. While I am such a romantic who wants to marry because of love, I realize that love does not last forever (yeah, I'm bitter), and it takes a lot of effort to maintain the ability to accept each other for life.

I like the way Nino shares his game philosophy. I don't play games at all, but I can understand his metaphores well. ^______^

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