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^^ This is AKIHIDE's old interview that I translated half-way before I got busy with my master thesis last year.
I'm still not done with it, because I got busy with my real life... but I think it's nice to share, even if it's still merely a part of it.

If you spot any mistakes in translating or thought of better wording, please don't hesitate to tell me. I really appreciate concrit.


The Last Gamble

AKIHIDE, who was a boyscout during his elementary school, became obsessed with guitar after he was charmed by it during his second year of junior high school. Ever since then, no matter how he aimed for major debut, he was faced with failure. Moreover with the death of his father, he remembers the feeling of loss. And then when "his career is about to be over because of his age", he was invited by DAIGO and with determined readiness, started BREAKERZ. Since then, it has been 5 years, continueing in fast pace, unstringing AKIHIDE's cord of history.

If I have to think whom I want to be the center, there is only DAIGO anyway.

AKIHIDE-san owns a private site "AKIHIDE PLAY GUITAR", right? When I went there, on the Performance part in the Profile, following guitar, words like vocals, songwriting, arangement, illustration, web design were lined, and this year in February, also releasing picture book "Aru Hi Kokoro ga Arukemashita". Since before, among music and drawings, which one did you start first in your childhood?

Based on my own memory, as expected, it was music. I guess it's been that way since as long as I remember...... At that time, I guess, as everybody else, I was very much into anime and hero-theme TV shows. I used to really love that kind of things, so I used to put my casette recorder near my TV and recorded the theme-song. Then it became not enough for me, somewhere in between, I started creating songs with original theme.

Hee. In other words, does that mean you have started song writing and lyric writing at that early age?

Specifically, I don't remember what kind of song goes with what kind of lyrics. However, it seems that in my own way, putting together this kind of melody and this kind of lyrics, I sang, "Something Man~". At that time I lived in a housing complex in Hachiouji, I used to go to the verandah and facing towards the mothers who were hanging their laundry on the opposite block, singing the self-made songs in loud voice. I did it while introducing my own song (laughs).

You're letting yourself doing an earnest one man show (laughs).

That was about before I went to kindergarten, or right after I had gone to kindergarten.

Then, as you went to elementary school, I guess you joined music-related club?

No, around elementary school era, not at all. Rather than that, my activity was focused on boyscout, I mostly did out-door activities such as camping or mountain climbing.

What was the trigger that you joined boyscout?

I'm the only child, and also a latchkey child, so I was the kind of child who was asking for attention. My parents became worried about it, and around the 3rd grade of elementary school, they were like, "Let's put him into something like boyscout" and I was registered.

Because of that, AKIHIDE-san was raised during childhood in a healthy way.

Do you think so? By the way, that kind of thing does not really exists (laughs). School-year is not related to boyscout, junior high school students, high school students, and also adults who are giving instructions, there many occassions that everyone have activities together. Because of that, there were many older boys who have gone into puberty, and they told me about adult talks and informations about sexuality (wry smile).

Is that so? So that's how it was!

From my point as a 3rd grade elementary student, talks about the world that I couldn't be able to reach was something new and interesting. In that way, compared to boyscout activities, rather that things are the more anticipated, and there was also a time where I tried as hard as I could to master that (laughs).

That activity, since 3rd year of elementary school, until what age did it continue?

I did it until my 20's. To say that, after I turned about 17, my role became the one who taught.

Talking about that, I came to wonder, "What kind of things did you teach".

Ahaha. Well, I guess it's something similar to what I was taught. Of course, not only those things, but also the actual guidance (laughs).

Could it be, AKIHIDE-san's gentleman ettiquette and proper demeanor came from long years in the boyscout? Mostly, as someone reaches adolescence, that kind of activities became troublesome and tends to quit, however the point that you continued until adulthood, there's sense of dutifulness.

There was never a moment that I would leave it halfway. Basically, in elementary and junior high school, children who are in the  sport-related clubs are popular, aren't they? As for me, I wouldn't fit into that group no matter how I tried. To overcome that part of frustrations too, I gave my all to the boyscout. That's why I was never tired of it, and my life was lively in that way.

Coming to this, at that time, what kind of character AKIHIDE-san as a child at school?

At that time being, during elementary school, because of the boyscout I got to know adult knowledge compared to the other children (laughs), at that point I was regarded as, "he seems to know a lot of stuffs", and seems like I was more or less respected.

.... tbc ....

will repost if i somehow finish this.
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