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Now that I finished my thesis deadline and defense... and also some tests ... and now I have time to sit down to see this.

This is for [livejournal.com profile] my_jhersey17 who asked for translation here.

I have to note that my translation might not be correct and I tend to interpret into English instead of actually translating ^^;;;


"Johnny's Left Over". Ikuta Toma's Suffering from Junior until He Becomes Actor.

Ikuta Toma, actor under Johnny's, talked in a TV show about his worries in Junior era when among those from the same year and his juniors he was the only one not debuting. And now that he has flourished as an actor, he feels down when people around him say, "therefore there is no meaning to be a Johnny's anymore". He was saved from one of his senior's words.

Ikuta Toma's reason for entering Johnny's was his mother. When he appeared in Fuyusabure! Senpai ROCK YOU in January 26, he said, "My mother is SMAP's big fan, so she thought that she would be able to meet them if I subscribe for audition". Even though at that day he had a soccer match, he was told, "this kind of chance does not come twice" and was dragged to the audition.

During the audition he was made to memorize dance and that was all for that day. Without knowing whether he succeeded or failed, about a week after he was was called to Kinki Kids live in Yokohama Arena, and "we were told to dance the choreography we were told to remember during the audition" as a background dancer in the actual performance. It was the office's way to do audition during actual performance and there were people who were not called anymore after that.

That kind of audition was repeated several times until he somehow became Johnny's Jr. About the day when he joined Johnny's Jimusho, "Unexpectedly, I didn't realize it," he recollected. During that time he was told to go for Tensai Terebi-kun (NHK) audition and was accepted. He was a regular in that TV show for 2 years, and it was a different pattern of activities with the rest of Johnny's Jr.

In Johnny's there is an implicit rule that "Johnny's are deemed to be recognized when they start releasing records (CD)," said Ikuta. When he realized that those of the same year and his juniors were releasing songs one after another, he started to fluster, and at that time he was worried that "he's a left over in Johnny's", so he explained.

Toma, who was worrying, encountered theater at the age of 17. From the actors of Gekidan ☆ Shinkansen and the director Ninagawa Yukio, he learned many things, and was drawn into the world of theater. It was during this time that he thought, "having lifestyle of wearing jersey to training hall is somehow fun," and his decision to take actor's path became hardened. After the theater, his activities broadened to dorama and movies, and in Hanasakari no Kimitachi E ~ ♂Ikemen Paradise he started to be acknowledged, and since his accomplishment in the movie Ningen Shikaku, he continues as a famous actor. One day, Ikuta was told by president of Johnny's, Kitagawa, "You! You're an actor person!" and at that time, he thought, "So he (Kitagawa) thinks of me that way. It's alright if I go that way (be an actor)!" He was glad that the president acknowledged the road he chose.

However, people around him said, "if you are only an actor, then there's no meaning in being a Johnny's. It's better if you go to another agency." During the time Ikuta was down from frustration, a senior told him, "the nail that sticks out gets hammered in, but if it sticks out too much, nobody will hit it."

"Working only as actor in an idol agency, is on the contrary interesting," in the end he thought, as he remembers words from his senior, "it is good if you can go to the position where no one had ventured," he cheered up.

Ikuta does not write any words in his scenario. He also never takes note on where to stand or whether he has to move to left or right. He explained, "Writings that are floating around a play (scenario) is a hindrance," and the TV show MC, Daito Shunsuke was surprised, "in my case, I write until there's almost no empty space," he said. Even as a famous actor, he found Ikuta's way unbelievable. To Daito's reaction, Ikuta said, "there is no need to write down because when it comes to moving, My body can remember. Even if I wrote it down, would I read it again?" On the contrary, he found it intriguing. Kinami Haruka was impressed, "It seems remembering by your body has been engrained since your Jr era..."

Ikuta Toma, who was once worried of becoming Johnny's left over, now becomes Johnny's actor, because of the lessons from that time. While he's making the best of that experience, let's anticipate the time he becomes "the nail that sticks out too much that nobody can hit it."

(Editorial Department Techinsight Japan - Izumi Maki)
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